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22 August 2021

NS guesses how many commentators and analysts have been invited to TI10

Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov, famous analyst, youtuber and streamer, said during his stream that he knows how many people will participate in the coverage of The International 10 in the Dota 2 discipline. According to him, the invitation from Valve received a minimum of twelve people, namely seven from RuHub and five from Maincast. In addition to them, Yaroslav claims that among the analysts and commentators will be present Danil "Dendi" Ishutin and probably Alexei "Solo" Berezin. But that "XBOCT" and Egor "JotM" will also be at the event, he's sure. There is currently no official list of guest commentators and analysts, so the authenticity of his beliefs is not yet a hundred percent. NS himself will not be attending The International 10. He has previously announced this, but promises not to stay away and comment on his streams. 

Ivan "Faker" Demokin will also not be present in the coverage studio on the Russian segment, thus breaking a tradition that began in 2014. On his Twitter, he promises to put in a lot of effort to be on the guest list for the next The International.

We also won't see or hear from Roman "CaspeRRR" Lepyokhin at TI10 this year. He has worked since 2012 covering all of The International, but didn't get an invite from Valve this year. Apart from The International, he has been commentating on a myriad of Valve tournaments of international status and from different organizers for about ten years now, but the reason why he was dropped is not yet clear. 

Alexander "Jam" Korotkov also tweeted that he had not received an invitation from Valve in the Russian-language studio coverage of The International 10. However, from the mood of the tweet, he's not too upset about it.
The wave of tweets about the lack of an invitation from Valve began when Yaroslav "Tekcac" Petrushin posted that there was a list of commentators and analysts from the Russian coverage studio. Those who will go to The International 10, according to him, have already received invitations. He didn't find himself on the list and didn't reveal who will be covering TI10.
Aren 'VeRsuta' Zurabyan was harsh on the circumstances of the lack of invitations from many commentators in his tweet. In his opinion, the workload on each person in the Russian segment would be unjustifiably large and he accused Valve of saving money.

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