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Dota 2
30 May 2021

Supporters clubs officially in Dota 2 client

The Dota 2 game client has been updated to include "supporters clubs." Now fans can pitch towards a favorite pro team. The supporters club gives fans item sets with team badges and special seasonal items to make them stand out in the Dota 2 crowd as lovers of an e-sports team.

The teams themselves decide what to add to the new fan equipment and get 50% of branded set sales. Currently, available items in the Supporters club will remain in the store until The International. In the future new, different sets will be released, also timed to major events.

Support sets come in three tiers, with the higher tiers bringing more branded content. The first, bronze, tier gets the fan a team badge. The next, silver, tier unlocks graffiti and smilies. The ultimate, gold, tier brings loading screens, a chat wheel, and the badge will be displayed by the hero's health bar. The badges will also be shown in friends lists, player profiles, and they will be visible to all during matches in the score table. Currently, sets for 36 e-sports teams are available, but, passing moderation, there will be more content and various nice gewgaws for the fans. The teams can manage their content and limit access to the silver and gold levels. A player who launches the client now will be able to join the supporters clubs of the following teams: Sparking Arrow Gaming, Thunder Predator, Infinity Esports, Ehome, PSG.LGD, SG Esports, Vici Gaming, Crewmates, Boom Esports, Vikin.GG, Fnatic, BS, 4 Zoomers, OG, The Cut, Extremum, Noping Esports, Natus Vincere, Infamous Gaming, Nigma, Team Secret, Alliance, Team Liquid, Beastcoast, Latam Defenders, Team Aster, Arkosh Gaming, Team Unique, Team Empire, Hellraisers, Virtus.Pro, NoTechies, Simply Toobased, Team Spirit, Qyincy Crew, and Evil Geniuses.

To join a supporters club, players need to find the corresponding button on the View tab and pick the logo of their favorites. However, membership in a supporters club must be renewed every season.

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