How to reach the rank of Grandmaster in Dota Plus at Warlock

Dota 2
25 June 2021

A 30th level Warlock from Russia

This news could be called “Mama’s farm, or how to get a Warlock to level 30 with a family and a life.” After a user called Taysbirdie posted on Reddit on March 5th, the global Dota2 community learned that a 49 year-old mother from Russia had become Grandmaster in Dota Plus with a Warlock – the first such event in Russia and the third in the world! The poster explained that her 49 year-old mom had gotten into video games in the early 2000s, when she had to stay at home for maternity leave. At first she was interested in strategies, often the HoMM series, but when Internet access appeared, she became drawn into Warcraft 3. Her favorite map there was the famous one made by IceFrog, Dota AllStars (Defense Of The Ancients), also known as the first Dota. Now the heroing mom’s favorite Dota 2 characters include Warlock, Shadow Shaman and Weaver, and she usually plays in Turbo mode. For most heroes her statistics are positive (the win rate is over 50%), and for the Weaver she has scored an 80% with KDA 8.4 (this, however, is only an error of Dotabuff, Xenia, the poster, reported).

Xenia’s post attracted a lot of attention and many comments from the Reddit community. Responding, she said that her mother started to play Dota 2 in the end of 2013, after she (Xenia) had sent her an invitation after The International 2013. Since then her mother has played more than 13.5 thousand games. The Steam statistics show over 28.500 played hours, though during many the game was simply minimized and her mother was busy with housework or left the computer on overnight. Xenia said that one of the reasons her mom likes Dota so much is that unlike MMORPGs there is no need to develop heroes over a long period of time and every match begins with different players and characters, which keeps the game exciting.

Xenia herself also enjoys video games, but usually single-player now, as she can devote less and less time to them. But she likes sharing a hobby with her mom. Her mother is a member of a guild, but only rarely plays in a guild party, only during some special events, when a hero quest must be completed. The guild does not like her playing style (quick Warlock matches), and the people there mostly play for ratings, but she does it for fun, rarely using a keyboard, usually just the mouse.



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