Pro team profiles in the Dota 2 game client: latest news

Dota 2
2 June 2021

Pro team profiles in the Dota 2 game client

The latest big updates that improved the Dota 2 tutorial and the release of the animated series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood have attracted many newcomers to the game. Acknowledging that esports are integral to Dota 2 play, the developers have decided to simplify finding information about professional teams. The game client now features team profiles that make it easier to follow the broader competitive scene of Dota. Beyond professional esports teams' profiles, the client displays statistics of their performance, that of particular players and their signature heroes. Fans may find information about the season’s upcoming competitions involving a team useful. Its future and past opponents are listed, and replays are available for viewing, all in the same place. The developers promise more updates of this feature in the future, providing additional useful and interesting information.

Fans who love watching professional esports teams play and hanging on every moment of map action but for some reason could not be present for live streams can take advantage of a new mode, No Spoilers. To activate it they need to press the Spoilers button on the Watch tab in the upper right corner of the client. This will conceal the results of all past and ongoing matches so that their replays may be viewed with fresh interest. When a fan wants to know the outcome of a particular game, they can keep No Spoilers on but select the event in question and see the result or current score.

As the game client improves in this direction, the Dota 2 esports fan base will grow and fans will be able to follow their favorite teams and make more accurate predictions about the outcome of matches.

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