Results of the PGL major Antwerp 2022 American RMR tournament

17 April 2022


PGL Major Antwerp 2022: American RMR - Winners, tournament results

From April 11 to 16, PGL Major Antwerp 2022: American RMR was held – an important qualifying stage of the main international Counter-Strike tournament: Global Offensive. 16 teams from North and South America competed for victory points, the best 6 of them were eligible to participate in the final part of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 tournament. The prize fund of the CS major was 50,000 US dollars, the money was distributed among the four best teams. The event in the world of esports attracted the attention of not only players and fans, but also bettors – they got the opportunity to win large sums on successful bets.

How was the PGL major antwerp 2022 American RMR?

The qualifying round for teams from the American continent was attended by both relatively young teams and veterans, for whom this tournament was the tenth in their careers. At this stage, only one slot was played for participation in the final of the tournament in the status of Legends, the rest of the participants who made it to the final will receive the status of Challengers.

The tournament was held in an updated format, presented by the organizer Valve in February 2022. The developers decided to revise the rules and abandoned the RMR points that were previously used to determine the winners. Each team now gets only one chance to become a major participant, and qualifying tournaments will be held only in three regions: Europe and the CIS, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. The new format of the tournament with the cancellation of RMR caused contradictory responses from players and spectators.

The next COP major will be held in Belgium from May 9 to 22. 24 teams will take part in it, which will compete for the main prize of $ 500,000.

Match results

CS GO major for American teams showed quite predictable results:

Predictably, the victory was won by the Brazilian FURIA team. She is ranked 8th in the world ranking and remains one of the main contenders to win the final of the international championship. A team of 5 players: Art, yuurih, KSCERATO, saffee and drop received a prize of $25,000. During the tournament, FURIA played in three matches and did not allow a single defeat, winning 9 points.

The second place was taken by another team from Brazil – MiBR (the name stands for Made in Brazil). In the decisive match for first place , she lost to the FURIA team with a score of 0:2. The team received a prize of $12,500 and the right to advance to the final of the tournament.

In third place was the team from the United States of America Team Liquid, also known as Denial. During the tournament , she participated in 4 matches: 3 of them ended in victory and 1 in defeat. The team managed to score 9 prize points, the third place allowed them to receive a prize of $ 7,500.

The fourth prize-winning team was a team from the USA Complexity Gaming – it performs at professional CSGO competitions has been 9 years old. Of the four matches held, only one ended in defeat: the team lost to the favorite FURIA Esports with a score of 0:2. The cash prize was $5,000.

The fifth place was won by the Brazilian team Imperial Esports, founded in 2018, it played 5 matches: 3 of them ended with victories and 2 with defeats. The 6th place in the course of a dramatic struggle went to the 9z team from South America: during the replay, she managed to beat the Brazilian paiN Gaming team in a tie-break.

Although they did not receive a cash prize, they were given the opportunity to play in the final and compete for the championship title. The winners of the CS majors attract the attention of sponsors and fans, and over time they can become real legends of Counter-Strike.
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