Ogre Magi guide for Dota 2. How to play Ogre Magi.

Dota 2
9 July 2021

Ogre Magi Guide

Ogre Magi is a close-combat hero with intelligence as his main attribute (15 + 2.5). Being the fourth most-played character, according to DotaBuff, he is usually assigned to lane support. His ultimate ability lets his other abilities and items work several times from one activation, which makes Ogre Magi capable of dealing immense explosive magic damage sometimes. His starting armor and health regeneration are good, starting strength very good, Ogre Magi is practically unkillable on the lane. His powerful procast lets him slow enemies first with Ignite and then destroy them using Fireblast – both very nice for a ganker role. Later in the game Ogre Magi steps into the buffer role with his Bloodlust ability. It considerably increases the team Carry’s damage. Depending on the choice of items, he can play a variety of roles: Disabler, Durable, Initiator, Nuker, Support.

Hero weaknesses

Ogre Magi has low intelligence and little mana, when, in fact, he requires a constant mana supply to use his powers often. The ultimate ability does not reflect the player’s skill but triggers randomly and may sometimes do the character a bad turn, e.g. when some directed abilities are used (Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Abyssal Blade). For relevance in endspiel the hero will also need powerful gear to prop him up, and he will have to be engaged in team fights constantly.

Hero strengths

Ogre Magi is a melee combatant with a combination of strong armor, nice health regeneration and handsomely growing strength. Even a newbie will have no problem playing this hero. His ultimate ability, Multicast, works, when it does, on items as well as skills, which is particularly useful in combination with Hand of Midas, an item that lets Ogre Magi earn more gold and experience. His procasting can give enemies serious trouble.

Skill build

Ogre Magi needs to be developed with an eye for aggressive play. From the first moments he should try to beat down the enemy with his excellent survivability – go on the lane and slug it. Let the Carry finish creeps while Ogre Magi takes minimum damage. Investing in abilities that stun and slow should make killing enemy heroes much simpler. Ganking chances on other lanes should also be taken advantage of, but the player needs to remember that mana is limited and can quickly run out. Late in the game Bloodlust will be useful in boosting the damage potential not just of ally characters but by team buildings as well. For the 7th level the skill line-up should take the form of 2-4-0-1.

Item build

To compensate for poor mana supply and to reinforce Ogre Magi’s lane support role, the player should wear Arcane Boots. They improve walking speed, mana and restore 160 mana to allied characters when activated. A Magic Wand is useful for rounding out any character. If the early game favors Ogre Magi’s team, he can try to gather gold for Guardian Greaves, which increase health regeneration of allies by 2.5 and strengthen their armor by 3.0, if they are healthy. To allied heroes under 20% of health the aura restores 16 health a second and improves armor by 10. Getting this item early will provide a solid early team boost and help to knock down towers and even the enemy Ancient quickly. Items such as Aether Lens, Solar Crest and Shiva's Guard will increase ability range, mana supply and regeneration considerably, and they will also raise the character's already strong armor to a phenomenal level. However, Ogre Magi is most effective with Aghanim's Scepter, which will unlock the Unrefined Fireblast ability for him. This variety of Fireblast does more damage, cools down quicker and always uses up 30% of current mana, even when there is almost no mana left. Use it then, not when the mana pool is full.


Ignite is going to be used pretty often in fights, so a right +16 per second to Ignite damage talent can be recommended for the 10th level. For the 15th get +275 to health, and the character’s already impressive health total will become even stronger. Combine this with a right +25 to strength at the 20th level, and the hero will turn into a supertank that can plow through any solo or team fights. On the other hand, a left +30 to Bloodlust attack speed talent for the 15th level is a wise long-term investment, it will improve the attack speed of your team’s Carry members. The standard choice for the 25th level is the left +240 to Fireblast damage talent.

Good versus

Ignite burns and keeps enemies from escaping with their Blink Dagger or similar powers (heroes like Earthshaker or Templar Assassin). The character is also superior to all other melee characters in early game. If Multicast triggers when using Fireblast, Ogre Magi can wipe out low-health heroes. He should walk around in the company of heroes who do lots of physical damage: Shadow Fiend, Sven, Sniper or Wraith King, because his Bloodlust will noticeably speed up their attacks.

Counter picks

Ogre Magi has trouble with characters who can churn out lots of copies (Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren, Meepo or Chaos Knight), because all of his abilities are directed, he has no area-of-effects. Enemies who are immune to magic (Lifestealer etc.); can shrug off buffs (Meepo etc.); block abilities and take him out of the fight for a while (Puck, Doom, Silencer etc.) – are all effective against Ogre Magi. Besides them, anyone who purchases Orchid Malevolence or Scythe of Vyse can also stop Ogre Magi in his tracks, making his powers unavailable to him. This may be a fight-changer or even a game-changer.


Ogre Magi is a team-oriented melee character most suited for support and procasting roles. The ultimate ability can repeat the effects of both skills and items. For an intelligence-centric hero he boasts great basic strength and strength increase plus armor and health regeneration. Together these turn him into a fearsome intelligencer tank who can trundle over many enemies in early game. With his Ignite and Fireblast he becomes a dangerous ganker, first slowing and then stunning enemies. The character should be played aggressively to develop his natural advantages and put the squeeze on enemies from the get-go. Later he morphs into a buffer, improving Carry heroes’ attack speed and damage potential. The Muticast ability, however, depends not so much on the player’s grasp of the situation and reaction speed as on sheer chance.

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