News of ESL One Summer 2021

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18 June 2021

Latest news of ESL One Summer 2021

The ESL One Summer 2021 tournament for Dota 2 continues. Tundra Esports, having defeated in the round of 16 Team Liquid, could not ovecome Quincy Crew in the quarter-finals but lost with a 1-2 score. Now the team of «Quinn» Callahan will face off against T1 in the semi-finals. Tundra Esports was lowered to the merciless bottom grid and was ready to fight for lesser prizes. The team, headed by Adrian «Fata» Trinx, had to win against AS Monaco Gambit or lose it all, which was indeed what happened. AS Monaco Gambit knocked Tundra Esports to the terminal 9th-12th places and out of the tournament, leaving the losers only 5.000 dollars for consolation.

Meanwhile Team Secret players showed an original strategy, combining their characters’ abilities as they fought with Nigma in a bottom-grid game. Team Secret, headed by Clement «Puppey» Ivanov, nicely used the powers of Ancient Apparition, Storm Spirit and Clockwerk to send four enemy heroes to the tavern in a short span of time. This success did not bring them overall victory, however, and Team Secret went on to lose this, second, game. Nigma’s score improved to 1-1, and the final match was also theirs. Team Secret had to leave the championship, while Nigma can look forward to fighting OG in the next play-off stage. OG has surged ahead by besting Team Liquid, with a 2-0 score, and passed on to the next play-off stage for the bottom grid. This team is led by Johann «n0tail» Sundstein. Team Liquid was moved to the 9th-12th position and had to be content with 5.000 dollars of prize money. Ilya «Illidan» Pivtsayev stepped in to replace Mike «miCKe» Ву in the Carry on the Team Liquid side. The same fate – 9th-12th and 5K on the other side of the revolving door – awaited Team Secret.

Ilya «Illidan» Pivtsayev made a comment about the loss of his team, Team Liquid, citing a long time spent away from the game as the reason. He was an invited player but could not adapt. The break from Dota 2 had been too long for the former professional player. The game had been simply too fast, he wrote, and information in a foreign language pouring in too quickly. He apologized to the fans. Pivtsayev was replacing Mike «miCKe» Ву in the game against OG, but Team Liquid ended up losing all three of the matches.

Nigma’s off-laner Ivan «MinD_ContRoL» Boryslavov also shared his impressions of the fight with Team Secret. In an interview after the game he said his team took notice of the mistakes made during the first match and tried everything not to repeat them. He also recalled the loss to on June 16th, attributing it to the team’s fatigue after the plane flight. In the encounter with Team Secret, he said, they were able to rally and show a good game, though he gave all the praise to the other team members, who were able, he said, to rescue the situation.

Team Unique meanwhile lost to in the bottom grid. This team of Andrey «Ghostik» Kadyk ended the tournament with the score of 0-2 and the usual 9th-12th place and 5.000 dollars. gets to fight on and tackle AS Monaco Gambit.

In other news, Vitaly «v1lat» Volochay, an e-sports commentator, and Frankie «Frankie» Word, event manager, were vocally critical of the general producer of WePlay Esports, Maxim Belonogov. They objected to Belonogov’s tweets, where he had written that tournament organizers had started to use thematic studio decoration, copying after WePlay. Vitaly wrote that thematic decoration had been used before WePlay, and Frankie tried to persuade Belonogov he was mistaken.

As for upcoming matches, will once again clash with Alliance. This legendary conflict is being reprised for the 44th time. Among past matches, 17 went in favor of, 23 of Alliance, and the remaining three were played to a draw. Bookmakers lean towards in their projections of this match’s outcome: the average odds offered for that team are 1.45, for Alliance 2.62.

T1 and Quincy Crew are next for the ring. They have only met once before, and that game went in favor of T1. Bookmakers offer 1.55 odds for T1 and 2.35 for Quincy Crew.

Nigma will take on OG a little later. OG has beaten Nigma 9 times overall and has been thrashed itself in 4 games. This time around bookmakers incline towards Nigma, the average odds being 1.50. The odds for OG are 2.48.

At the same time AS Monaco Gambit will fight They have met twice before, both times showed itself the stronger. This trend is expected to continue, the odds for a triumph are 1.45 and for AS Monaco Gambit 2.62.

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