League of Legends News: The New LoL Patch 12.10

30 May 2022


New LoL Patch 12.10 

The latest League of Legends update is likely to change this game in the most drastic way. The first details about LoL Patch 12.10, which appeared on the website of Riot Games, indicate that players will have many pleasant surprises.

The creators of the project decided, first, to adjust the pace of the game. To do this they have encroached on the sacred - the personal characteristics of champions. In general, it is planned to significantly increase their defensive skills and reduce the attacking ones. According to the authors, this will lead to an increase the timing of games and the overall entertainment. Characteristics of many in-game items and runes will also change.

The overall concept of the update 

In its current form, League of Legends is an unbalanced game. It is easy to cause irreparable damage with a number of items. Just think of the Kraken Killer or Lord Dominic's Bow. Many champions actually fail to realize their potential: they get the first hard hit, cannot fully show their capabilities, and lose any chance to defeat their opponent.

In patch 12.10 LoL, the developers have seriously addressed this issue. The correct task has been set to increase the entertainment of the game. To do this, it is necessary to equalize the chances of champions, so that each of them had time and opportunities to demonstrate their advantages. Increasing the champions' durability is a guarantee of more exciting and cool 5-on-5 battles.

Changes in gameplay

The main changes the developers of LoL 12.10 Patch laid in the following important indicators:

  •  base health;
  •  armor;
  •  magic protection.

All these features of the game characters will be increased, which will lead to an increase in their survivability. Now the heroes will have to spend a lot more energy to destroy the enemy, there will be no instant unleashing, the duration and quality of team fights will increase. In addition, these improvements will be nicely complemented by the power of all sorts of protective items.

There is a fair question - what are all these innovations for? The point is that under the current rules heroes with little health and defense (squishy) have no practical chances. Aphelios with a mass of items only need one shot from Le Blanc. This is because most characters with major physical damage (ADC) are essentially quite weak. They don't stand a chance of fighting fully in team fights, even if they go farming on the top line. The huge part of fights around nashors and dragons ends up in fleeting skirmishes.

As a result, players who love and know how to farm, capable of outplaying their opponents repeatedly, are usually dissatisfied with the game. Its features simply do not allow them to realize their potential. LoL update 12.10 is designed to correct this injustice. Increasing the survivability of all champions ensures that from now on any battles will not end with a single lightning strike. Players can expect more intense and longer battles.

At the same time, the developers of LoL do not want the matches to prolong as much as possible. It is obvious that the majority of viewers prefer dynamic battles, densely eventful. To do this, an increase in the attacking effect is provided for a number of strategic objects on the map.

In the new patch, the creators of the game are trying to reach a point of balance. They want to increase the duration of the matches, while not turning them into the most prolonged and dull spectacle. They want to equalize the odds for all classes of players, to give each character time to reveal abilities. At the same time, heroes with explosive damage will not lose their importance. They will just have to put a little more effort into destroying enemies.

What indicators will change 

In anticipation of the release of the fresh patch bloggers publish many specific figures on the mass of the game characteristics. The main changes will affect, as expected, the basic statistics of the characters.

The basic health of heroes (70 points), the increase in health (14 points), armor (1.2 points) and magical protection (0.8 points) will be increased per level. The effects of severe wounds, healing rates and shields will be reduced.

Magic protection and armor penetration rates for most game items will also decrease, and the positive effects of runes will be reduced.

The attack power of towers (outer, inner, Inhibitor, Nexus) and Baron Nashor will increase. For the BN the numbers will increase from 125 units + 8 units per minute to 150 + 10 units.

When will the update be released? 

The planned release date for the new patch is May 25, 2022.

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