ENCE wins in LOOT.BET/CS Season 9

14 May 2021

LOOT.BET/CS Season 9 - ENCE wins!

The European e-sports team ENCE became the winner of LOOT.BET/CS Season 9. The team was founded in 2013 and has fought in 388 pro matches, winning 204 times, losing 169 times and bringing 15 games to a draw. Although they had vied for many prizes, the first one they managed to claim was BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Showdown (first place, June 15th, 2020). This time around in the finals ENCE met with Team Fiend and defeated them with a 2-0 score. Fighting on first map of the competitive tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overpass, was won with the score of 16:6. On the following map, Train, ENCE won again and with the same score.

The winning team of the tournament is composed of Olek «hades» Miszkevich, Junas «doto» Fross, Marco «Snappi» Pfeiffer, Lotam «Spinx» Giladi and Pavel «dycha» Dycha. They are carrying away 25,000 dollars from the prize fund. The honorary second place has brought Entropiq 12.500 dollars of consolation money. The team consists of Alexey «NickelBack» Trofimov, Vladislav «Krad» Kravchenko, Igor «Forester» Bezotechesky, Alexey «Elian» Gusev and Victor «Lack1» Boldyrev.

The two teams had never met before, this is the first victoy of ENCE over Team Fiend. Team Fiend’s win rate had been better lately, but ENCE put an end to their eight-match-long winning streak. ENCE was specially invited to the tournament, directly to the play-off stage, and to fight in the finals of LOOT.BET/CS Season 9, they only had to win against SKADE (2-1) and Team Dignitas (2-0). Team Fiend, on the other hand, had to stake its claim on the group stage versus Copenhagen Flames, and Team Fiend lost that encounter with a 1-2 score. However, they went on to defeat Lyngby Vikings (2-1), Izako Boars (2-0) and Team EndPoint (2-1). When the play-offs started, Team Fiend avenged itself on Copenhagen Flames, winning with a 2-0 score, defeated forZe with the same score and beat Entropiq to a 2-1 result.

The teams in the third and fourth places are Entropiq, made up of Alexey «NickelBack» Trofimov, Vladislav «Krad» Kravchenko, Igor «Forester» Bezotechesky, Alexey «Elian» Gusev and Victor «Lack1» Boldyrev, and Team Dignitas with Patrick «f0rest» Lindberg, Jonas «Lekr0» Oloffson, Adam «friberg» Frieberg, Ludwig «HEAP» Alonso, Hokon «Hallzerk» Fjarli, each received 3750 dollars from the prize fund.

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