LOOT.BET/CS Season 9 news

12 May 2021

LOOT.BET/CS Season 9

LOOT.BET/CS Season 9 is an online championship played now for the ninth time in the LOOT.BET/CS series. It is organized by UCC with support of LOOT.BET. The prize fund contains 50.000 US dollars. 20 teams have set out out to compete for them. Eight were pushed out at the group stage, eight others at the play-offs. The tournament started on April 17th and will end on May 16th.

The group stage left out eXploit Esports, comprising «BLOODZ», Francisco «obj» Ramos, Renato «renatoohaxx» Gonsalves, «whatz», Joao «plat» Ferreira, and Lilmix, made up of Max «quix» Lindquist, Jonathan «b0denmaster» Bodenmalm, Adam «bq» Bergquist, Leo «Svedjehed» Svedjehed, Isak «isak» Falen. Neither could win a single one of its three matches.

Izako Boars (Mihal «mono» Gabshevich, Daniel «STOMP» Plominski, Mateusz «TOAO» Zawistowski, Camile «Szejn» Shkaradek, Hubert «siuhy» Swiatly) had one victory, over OFFSET Esports, and three losses, and were out. OFFSET Esports («snapy», «shellzi», «NOPEEj», «rizzz» and Ricardo «fox» Pacheku) also did not make it to the play-offs. They only managed to win against Lilmix in the same four matches as Sangal Esports (Engine «ngiN» Cor, Akhmet «paz» Karakokha, Engine «MAJ3R» Kupeli, Ekrem «l0gicman» Idin, Omer «imoRR» Karatash); this team's only win was, in fact, against Lilmix also.

Now for the outsider list. Here we have Lyngby Vikings (Guy «anarkez» Trakhtman, Dion «FASHR» Derksen, «hns», Rasmus «raalz» Stinsborg and «birdfromsky»): five matches, two wins over eXploit Esports and OFFSET Esports. PACT» (made up of Arek «Vegi» Navoiski, Casper «darko» Sciera, David «lunAtic» Tchieshlak, Camile «Sobol» Sobolewski, Jacek «MINISE» Jejiak) also tried to get to the play-offs, fought in five matches and won against OFFSET Esports and Xploit Esports. Another team, Natus Vincere Junior («pogor3lov», «Synyx», Ilya «m0NESY» Osipov, «fear», Yevgeny «Aunkere» Karyat), also did not make it to the next stage with its two victories, over Sangal Esports and Izako Boars.

As for the leaders, there are two of them on top: SKADE and Team LDLC. SKADE, which is to say, Georgi «SHiPZ» Grigorov, Dennyslaw «dennyslaw» Dimitrov, Alex «Rainwalker» Petrov, Victor «Duplicate» Mitev and Blagoi «Oxygen» Dimitrov, won all three matches, with eXploit Esports, Anonymo Esports and Movistar Riders; Team LDLC (Brian «Maka» Canda, Nicholas «Keoz» Juice, Ali «hAdji» Khainus, Christoph «SIXER» Xia, Lambert «Lambert» Prigent) beat Natus Vincere Junior, Young Ninjas and PACT.

The third, fourth and fifth places are occupied by Team Fiend, Young Ninjas and Copenhagen Flames. They have all lost one game out of four. Team Fiend is composed of Camen «bubble» Costadinov, Simeon «dream3r» Ganev, Victor «v1c7oR» Dyankov, Martin «mar» Kjumjiev and Christian «REDSTAR» Pironkov. This team has overcome Lyngby Vikings, Izako Boars and Team EndPoint. The cybersports team Young Ninjas («nilo», «Mann3n», «phzy», «Sapec» and «LNZ») took down Lyngby Vikings, Copenhagen Flames and Natus Vincere Junior. Copenhagen Flames (Magnus «Nodios» Olsen, «maNkz», «Jabbi», «nicoodoz», Asger «AcilioN» Larsen) has been able to win against Team Fiend, Izako Boars and Lyngby Vikings.

The sixth and sevength places belong to Anonymo Esports and Team EndPoint, both with 3/5 records. Anonymo Esports (Victor «mynio» Cruk, Pavek «innocent» Mosek, Janusz «Snax» Pogorzelski, Camile «KEI» Petkun and «Kylar») overcame Sangal Esports, Team EndPoint and PACT. Team EndPoint (Thomas «Thomas» Witting, Max «MiGHTYMAX» Hit, Kia «Surreal» Man, Joe «CRUC1AL» Steasil, Robin «robiin» Sjegren) was successful against Natus Vincere Junior, PACT and Lilmix. And Movistar Riders (Alejandro «mopoz» Cano, Owen «smooya» Butterfield, Christian «shokz» Jacobson, Lucas «steel» Lopes and Alejandro «ALEX» Masanet) also made it to the play-off over the heads of OFFSET Esports and Anonymo Esports in its three games.

During play-offs, in the top grid, Copenhagen Flames and Team Fiend were the first to play. The Flames scored a convincing (2-0) victory over Team Fiend and moved on to the next opponent, forZe, made up of Andrey «Jerry» Mekhryakov, Almaz «almazer» Assadulin, Yevgeny «FL1T» Lebedev, Alexander «KENSI» Gurkin, Alexander «zorte» Zagodyrenko; the result was another 2-0 victory for the Copenhageners. In a parallel grid Team EndPoint met with Team LDLC. Team EndPoint won with a 2-1 score but broke against Entropiq (Alexey «NickelBack» Trofimov, Vladislav «Krad» Kravchenko, Igor «Forester» Bezotechesky, Alexey «Elian» Gusev and Victor «Lack1» Boldyrev). The score was 2-1, and Team EndPoint went out of the play-off stage. The next match in the upper grid is scheduled for May 13, 2:20 p.m. (Moscow Time). Team Fiend will face off against Entropiq. There is no agreement about which team has better chances to win among bookmakers, but Entropiq is slightly favored.

Young Ninjas and Movistar Riders fought in a parallel grid. The 2-0 victory let Young Ninjas move on to the next match, which, however, proved fatal to their position in the play-offs – the Ninjas lost to Team Dignitas, comprising Patrick «f0rest» Lindberg, Jonas «Lekr0» Oloffson, Adam «friberg» Friberg, Ludwig «HEAP» Alonso, Hokon «Hallzerk» Fjarli (score 2-1). At the same time SKADE butted heads with Anonymo Esports; the latter won with a 2-1 score but lost with the same score to «ENCE» (Alexi «allu» Jalli, Junas «doto» Fross, Marco «Snappi» Pfeiffer, Lotan «Spinx» Giladi, Pavel «dycha» Dycha). Expect the next match in this grid on May 13th at 5:50 p.m. (Moscow Time), when ENCE will take on Team Dignitas. The bookmakers are undecided about their respective chances. Both teams are very good and unpredictable.

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