League of Legends - updates for the release of "Arcane", new patch 11.21

3 November 2021

League of Legends: what's happening in the universe from Riot Games

Riot Games reported that in October 2021 the total number of active players in League of Legends across the planet exceeded 180 million. At the same time in the last month of virtual events took part more than 600 million users. Thus, LoL has become one of the most popular computer games due to its bright universe and interesting events. Such popularity is reflected in the online betting on LoL, which make players watching tournaments and earning on it.

Updates to the release of "Arcane".

Developer Riot Games first launched RiotX Arcane, a series of events that relate to the upcoming premiere of the "Arcane" series, based on the story of the popular MOUA.

First of all, LoL fans will be able to appreciate the redesigned Caller Ravine and special looks for Jinx, Vi, and Jace, as well as Kathleen, who will appear after a complete redesign. In addition, a special preseason 2022 patch will be released soon.

In addition, the developer has paid attention to other elements of the game:

- The addition of Valorant with a new Agent Chambers, as well as a whole set of themed items;

- the addition of the PvE mode "Path of Champions" on a permanent basis, the character Jace and a number of modified maps;

- a Wonders of Progress set designed specifically for Teamfight Tactics, as well as new heroes, unique strategies, and Double Strike.

RiotX Arcane will kick off on November 6 with the LoL World Championship Finals, and will close on November 7 when the Arcane series premieres. However, even after the end of this initiative fans of the game will not have to get bored. After all, November 7-13 will be "Day of Progress," featuring a wide variety of elements, and November 14-20 will be "Night in the Bottom City," details of which will be revealed closer to the event.

For the first time in the playoffs of the LoL World Championship was a team Edward Gaming

Worlds 2021 LoL has been taking place in Reykjavik since October 5. For the first time in the history of these competitions in this discipline team Edward Gaming reached the finals. In the semifinals, its members managed to beat their opponents from Gen.G with a score of 3:2.

November 6 will be a playoff championship. During it, the Chinese club will face DWG KIA, who defeated T1 2:3 the day before.

Gen.G took 3rd and 4th place and left the tournament with a reward of $178,000. Now the participants of the championship, as well as hundreds of thousands of fans, are looking forward to the denouement, because it's one of the biggest events in the world of e-sports. And the winners expect not only the title of world champions, but also a prize fund of 2.225 million dollars.

Disabling general chat in patch 11.21 is another attempt to combat "toxic" players

The developer of the game League of Legends began to pay more attention not only to the organization of tournaments and updates, but also to combat the toxicity of players. This is due to the fact that recently the number of insults between players in chat rooms has increased. As an attempt made by Riot Games was a statement about the blocking of general chat. At the same patch 11.21 was not disabled in the team chats, because they are strategically important for the game.

One of the first changes felt the gamers from Russia. Despite the fact that the domestic server has undergone changes, the set of tools has remained the same. Perhaps, after the completion of cycle 11.21, analysts will change their decision, if there is a positive trend in chats.

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