League of Legends World Championship in 2021

3 June 2021

LOL World Championship 2021

Riot Games has announced the dates and locations for the highly anticipated tournament, the League of Legends World Championship in 2021.

This year, despite the difficult situation, the League of Legends World Championship will be held in China again. On November 6 of this year, if the plans do not flow, the best teams will meet in the final. This will happen in Guangdong province in the south of the PRC in the city of Shenzhen at the location of the Universiade Sports Center, namely at the stadium of the professional football club Shenzhen F.C. This space can accommodate more than 60 thousand people, but it is too early to count on a full house, for obvious reasons. More information about the event awaiting the entire League of Legends community, according to the tournament organizers, will be coming soon.

This isn't the first time China has come forward as the venue for the championship. Riot Games has already hosted the 2020 World Championship in Shanghai, and in 2017, the tournament was held at the Beijing National Stadium.

As it turned out, the organizers of the championship alternate the event among four different regions, namely China, North America, Europe, and South Korea. Due to the fact that the world is covered with coronavirus and the pandemic has been going on since 2020, and most likely will not end before the start of the tournament, Riot Games decided that the best option would be to shift the schedule and China had the honor to meet the League of Legends World Cup two times in a row. Despite everything, tournament organizers have announced that next year's tournament will be held in North America.

Battles and tournaments overview

And while everyone is happy that this year there will be spectacles and a reason for controversy, the Royal Never Give Up team from China beat all rivals at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and became the champion. In the final, they met with “DWG KIA” and were able to win with a score of 3-2. The team received $ 75k as a reward.

The game was very exciting because both teams are of the same high level. Both teams took first places in the first group stage. Further, in the next stage, “DWG KIA” was in the first place, and “Royal Never Give Up” right behind them in second. At the playoff stage, DWG KIA managed to beat the MAD Lions with a score of 3: 2, while the champions won the "PSG Talon" with a score of 3: 1. After that, a meeting of the best took place, where the winner of the tournament was determined with difficulty.

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The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational was held in Iceland. It began on May 6 and ended on May 23. The total prize fund was 250k US dollars.

The best player at this event was Gala from the Royal Never Give Up champion team. His name is Chen Wei and is from China. It is also worth noting that this tournament was not without records for him. According to the calculations of the portal "Oracle's Elixir", Chen "Gala" Wei was able to make 156 frags in twenty-six matches in the tournament.

Throughout the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, 20-year-old Chen "Gala" Wei has played seven different champions based on the history of meetings. But all the same, for him, Kai'Sa, which was chosen most often, acted as a signature. He preferred to play it in sixteen different meetings, and the win rate was 75%.

This esportsman has shown good results in the past, despite his aggressive playing style. When he took part in the LPL Spring Split 2021, he managed to make 205 kills during the regular season, and also expanded his list with another 97 kills during the playoffs.

The Chinese team Royal Never Give Up got Chen Gala Wei about a year ago, in June 2020. He joined the team as a player who had to replace Jian "Uzi" Qihao, and Uzi himself decided to leave the professional scene and continue to develop in a different direction. Previously, Chen "Gala" Wei was already a member of other esports teams and managed to play for "OnlyGame" and "Dominus Esports".

And while passions were in full swing at the major 2021 Mid-Season Invitational with a prize pool of $250k, the Russian esportsman Diamondprox became an official member of the FURIA Esports team. His name is Danil Reshetnikov and in the new team, he plays the role of a forester in the League of Legends discipline. This became known thanks to the publication of the announcement on the official FURIA Esports Twitter page. The text also contained a message for fans in Russian.

This year "FURIA Esports" has already played in the first split and were able to confidently take ninth place, where ten teams took part in the first division of CBLoL. In addition to the Russian, the club had one more replacement, but Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov was the only legionnaire in the new roster.

Earlier, Edward "Edward" Abgaryan joined FURIA Esports in January. He had experience playing on the same team with Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov, but Edward decided to end his career in professional eSports and chose the path of the coach of the Brazilian team.

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