LoL Continental League 2021 details

9 March 2021

LCL Spring 2021

Welcome to the spring with the opening of the sixth season of the LoL Continental League 2021 series - a tournament for teams from the CIS, where professionals in the eSports discipline League of Legends meet in the esports arena. In this championship, the prize fund is 5,000,000 rubles. Eight teams are participating, among which, according to the results of group games, the four best teams have been selected to compete at Playoff, and the winner of the tournament will receive a pass to participate in the Mid-Season Invitational 2021.

The following teams take part in the tournament:

  • ROX, which includes such esportsmen as Christian Lendel - Balkane, Maxim Tarasov - Maxim, Evgeny Zavalny - Mytant, Roman Generalov - Gimliques, Ruslan Zainulin - Miracle;
  • CrowCrowd, which includes such esportsmen as Nikita Gudkov - Griffon, Vladislav Belokon - Kinzu, Maxim Filipenko - JestkuiMax, Alexander Ovchinnikov - NoNholy, Yaroslav Svistun - MightyDragon;
  • CTRL PLAY, which includes such esportsmen as Roman Vlasov - Romuka, Stepan Leontyev - Bully Maguire, Stepan Khrabik - Stepan, Ilya Atnazhev - Valhalla, Vladislav Samokha - SimSin;
  • Vega Squadron, which includes such esportsmen as Yuxuan Xia - Sericus, Evgeny Moskalenko - PekiDo, Vadim Averin - cyraXx, Ali Musaev - Mercenary, Artem Zenyan - Rein, Oleg Zhuravlev - Charger ", Hrsimir Popov -" 6ax ";
  • Dragon Army, which includes such esportsmen as Vladimir Sorokin - Maynter, Ilya Pigulev - ItsCortez, Lionel Feldstein - Laynel, Andrey Yakovlev - Argonavt, Dmitry Korovushkin - Dimonko;
  • Gambit Esports, which includes such esportsmen as Stanimir Penchev - "Four", Mark Leksin - "dreampull", Alexey Lemeshchuk - "Phlaty", Artem Osintsev - "Shiganari", Alexander Leksikov - "Lekcycc", Alexander Glazkov - " PvPStejos ";
  • One Breath Gaming, which includes such esports players as Dmitry Ivanov - Smurf, Ilya Grom - Kreox, Khaled Noman - XoNix, Alex Holmin - Mirbs, Andreas Blikfeldt - Adept;
  • Unicorns of Love, which includes such esportsmen as Vladislav Fomin - BOSS, Kirill Skvortsov - AHaHaCiK, Lev Yakshin - Nomanz, Antonio Botezatu - Frappii, Alexander Lifashin - SaNTaS.

All participants of the tournament managed to play eight matches each, and there are still two games left in the group stage. After that, you can look at the playoff stage grid. But, despite this, there are already four clear favorites of the tournament, who are far ahead of their rivals in points.

The first and second places in the standings are occupied by One Breath Gaming and Unicorns of Love, which lost only one out of eight games, namely One Breath Gaming could not win against Unicorns of Love, and Unicorns of Love lost to Gambit Esports. The teams have 21 points each. The upcoming games will be held by One Breath Gaming against CTRL PLAY and Unicorns of Love, while Unicorns of Love will fight in the tournament against ROX and One Breath Gaming.

In the fight of One Breath Gaming against CTRL PLAY, it is possible to predict the victory of the favorite, but we should not forget that defeat will not play a significant role for them, since in the remaining two games it will be incredible to catch up with the opponents and knock them out of the top four, so they can play relaxed and experience something new. More intrigue will be in the game Unicorns of Love versus ROX, since although the team is an equal favorite of the tournament as OBG, their play is more unpredictable. And the confrontation between One Breath Gaming and Unicorns of Love will give a lot of emotions, since the teams have already met in this tournament and OBG emerged from the confrontation defeated. Obviously, One Breath Gaming will want to recoup, because if it were not for the enemy, they would now be without a single defeat.

Third place goes to CrowCrowd with two losses and 18 points. Lost CrowCrowd to two favorites One Breath Gaming and Unicorns of Love, but they beat the rest of the tournament, which makes them
an honorable third place, undoubtedly well deserved. In the near future, they will fight the Dragon Army as well as CTRL PLAY. All the teams have already met, but as it was written above, CrowCrowd won victories, which is likely to happen again, because two defeats could cost them a place in the playoffs.
The fourth place is taken by Gambit Esports with five wins out of eight and 15 points. As it should be in the theory of the standings, GMB lost three times to three teams that are higher than them in the first, second and third places, that is, they could not defeat One Breath Gaming, Unicorns of Love, CrowCrowd. But, however, once they managed to defeat the favorite of the tournament, namely Unicorns of Love, which means that we expect very good games from them that will surprise us all. The next two games are against Vega and Squadron ROX. It's hard to say something, but earlier the teams met and CrowCrowd showed that they can resist these rivals and will quite cope with the victory over them.

The fifth and sixth places are currently held by the Dragon Army and ROX with three wins and 9 points.

Dragon Army defeated only the outsiders, Vega Squadron, ROX, CTRL PLAY, and while there is a small chance of reaching the playoffs, there is little hope for future games. Like the ROX, who defeated CTRL PLAY twice and Vega Squadron once. In the near future, Dragon Army will play against CrowCrowd and Vega Squadron, and ROX will play against Unicorns of Love and Gambit Esports. There is a sense of defeat in all games, except for the confrontation between Dragon Army and Vega Squadron, where the DA will most likely be able to win.

The seventh place is taken by the Vega Squadron team. In this tournament, they won only once at CTRL PLAY, and they have upcoming games against Gambit Esports and Dragon Army. They will probably have time to show a good game within the framework of the tournament, but victories will obviously not affect anything. But we will wait and watch them.

And CTRL PLAY took the last place without a single victory in eight games. The next two games are against well-deserved favorites One Breath Gaming and CrowCrowd. Let's pray for the guys.

The last game of the group stage is March 14, the playoffs will start very soon and there will be meat. Everyone already has their own favorite and for whom you can be happy or sad, but the main thing is to enjoy the beautiful game of esportsmen.

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