League of Legends: Patch 11.11. Runes and items.

28 May 2021

Patch 11.11 overview. Runes and items.

Recently there was an update to the popular mob of the game "League of Legends". The patch was numbered 11.11. In this update we have added great new skins for the "Project" series, significantly reworked items, and also made other changes.

Let's start by changing the runes. In this patch, the Hail of Blades rune was weakened. The cooldown is now twelve seconds instead of eight. This will not have a very good effect on the liners, but it will also affect the foresters, but to a lesser extent. An increase in cooldown will entail a decrease in pressure from this rune on the lane and a drop in competitiveness. Now the rune is quite popular and almost everyone takes it both on the lane and in the forest. The "Cookie Delivery" rune also weakened, namely the price of selling cookies was reduced from thirty to five gold. But as practice shows, few people were involved in the sale of cookies, so the potential of the rune is relevant for those who needed extra stamina on the lane.

Among the objects, the Thorns Vest weakened. It now gives thirty armor instead of thirty-five, and also reduced the damage of spikes from existing armor by ten percent. This will greatly strengthen all the heroes against whom the "Vest of Thorns" was taken as quickly as possible. Most likely, this was done for a change in the game, so that on the top lane, players took other items for armor. In contrast to the weakening of the "Vest of Thorns", the "Armor of the Guardian" and, accordingly, "Frozen Heart", as well as the "Omen of Randuin" were strengthened. Although the passive skill of solid rock was reduced from five tenths of a percent of maximum health to thirty-five thousandths of a percent, a base value of five was added. This means that while you have less than four thousand health, the passive will absorb more damage than before the refresh.

The "Crusher of the Gods" has increased. Spellblade damage on hit is now twelve percent of the target's maximum health, up from ten percent. Healing from Arcane Blade has also increased. If for melee champions it was fifty percent, and for long-range champions it was thirty percent, now for close-quarters it was sixty-five percent, and for ranged champions it was forty percent. The Black Ax has been strengthened. Cutting armor per pierce charge is now five percent, up from four percent. That is, with six charges, the total armor cut increased from twenty-four to thirty percent. "Warmog's armor" is now also enhanced and the effect that restores health is activated not from three thousand units, but from one thousand one hundred bonus health. This means, most likely, tanks in this patch will collect "Warmog" as the second item. Boosts Serpentine Fang for Bottom Lane Ranged Champions. They now have an increased reduction in shield durability with a shield destroyer with this item from twenty-five percent to thirty-five. Healing Moonstone is also enhanced. The increase in healing and shields with the gift of the stars rises from four to six percent. That is, with the maximum charges, the player will receive not twenty, but thirty percent. The "Staff of the Water Stream" is also enhanced. Power of skills with passive increases from twenty to forty units from twenty-five to forty-five units. Also, the not very popular item for supports, "Vigilant protective stone" has been reworked. It was removed from the game Tier I version, and Tier II version can be purchased for one thousand one hundred gold. For these resources, the player will receive one hundred and fifty health and ten acceleration skills. Upon reaching the thirteenth level champion and completing the support quest, he turns into a tier III item "Vigilant protective stone". It gives five more hastas, makes it possible to put more on one control totem and allows you to carry three control totems in your bag, and also adds a new passive "Ishtal's blessing", which increases the power of skills, gives additional attack power and additional health by twelve percent.

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