LOL News - details about LCL Open Cup tournaments, Mid-season Invitation

13 March 2022

Latest news from the world of League of Legends

This article contains the latest news from the world of League of Legends, which will be of interest to both professional players, amateurs, and just fans of computer games. Therefore, if you missed the latest events, the text is mandatory to read!

The qualifiers for the LCL Open Cup are one of the largest LoL tournaments

On February 18-20, the second tournament of open qualifying competitions for the LCL Open Cup championship was held. More than sixty teams from all over the world have applied to participate in it. According to the rules, they played in a weekly open league event. According to the results of this event, the teams that score the most points will get into the group stage.

Qualifying matches will be held until March 13 inclusive. At the same time, roasters who have not scored enough points to advance to the group stage will be able to catch up in the additional open qualification "last chance". The organizers will hold it from March 18 to March 20.

Professional and amateur teams that failed to qualify for the main league will be able to participate in the LCL Open Cup. Following the results of the tournament, the best roasters will receive slots in the Continental League.

The Mid Season Invitational tournament will be held in South Korea

This year, South Korea will host the participants of the LAN tournament 2022 Mid-Season Invitational on LoL. However, at the moment, the cities and venues where the competitions will be held are not known. Also, the organizers have not yet specified whether it will be possible for spectators to attend the matches. As for roasters, teams that previously received the titles of champions at the spring splits of regional leagues are invited to participate.

In North America, tournaments will be held for LoL players in a new format

Now professional and semi-professional League of Legends players from North America will be able to participate in a new type of competition. The innovations were announced by Riot Games on its official portal lolesports.

The developer of a computer game and the organizer of tournaments plans to introduce a "Champion queue" so that single matches will be held with more comfortable conditions. In addition, the new format will minimize the toxic behavior of participants in rating games.

Sixteen of the best professional roasters of the continent, as well as athletes from the LLA and LCS leagues, and players with a rank not lower than "Master" will be allowed to participate in the matches of the "Champion Queue".

Ranked matches will be held on special servers. Participants will be awarded rating points, and all results will be automatically reflected in the standings. At the same time, Riot Games intends to divide the competition into two splits – spring and summer. The schedule of matches will be drawn up in such a way that individual players and teams have enough time to prepare for the main competitions.

During the year, as part of the "Champion Queue", the organizers will raffle 400,000 dollars.

Unicorns of Love won the first victory in the LCL

On February 12, the LCL Spring 2022 spring split began, which will last until March 30. The teams Unicorns of Love and CrowCrowd competed in the opening match. This time UOL managed to win over the rivals, despite the updated composition. The roster was formed from players with the nicknames Lekkyc, Don Arts, NoNholy, Shiganari, and phlaty.

It should be noted that the team that will receive the title of champions in this split will go to MSI 2022.

Yumi's Adventure is a new event in League of Legends

Until March 4, every player in League of Legends can take part in a new event called "Yumi's Adventure". During it, gamers will regularly receive poro coins, blue pollen, various cosmetic bonuses, as well as a chest with a pose and a Yumi character.

According to the rules, every two days players will receive three tasks. By completing them, they can help the Yumi champion achieve his goal. However, it must be remembered that a gamer can have only one active task and it is necessary to perform the tasks in the order in which they are issued. As you progress through the event map, players are awarded various bonuses and rewards that can be used for further play.
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