ESL One Summer 2021 Tournament

Dota 2
16 June 2021

ESL One Summer 2021

ESL One Summer 2021 is an independently organized, new tournament from the well-known European company Electronic Sports League. It is held completely online, which gives teams from different places in the world an opportunity to meet.

A total of 12 teams will be able to participate. 9 of them were invited by the organizer personally and the rest of the places were given to the winners of a closed qualifier. ESL One Summer 2021 started on June 16th and will end on June 20th, its 400.000-dollar-large prize fund will be distributed between all of the participating teams.

Those in places 9th to 12th will carry away 5.000, 7th and 8th merit 10.000, 5th and 6th will get 15.000, the fourth place is worth 25.000, the third 45.000, the second 85.000, and the champions will walk away with 175.000.

The tournament starts directly from the play-offs, the seeding will be determined by teams’ DPC scores and qualifier ratings. The four best teams will get to begin from the top-grid quarter-finals. All of the matches will follow the Best of Three format, except the grand finals, where it will be Best of Five.
The first match will bring together Alliance and Team Unique. They have only met once before, on April 11th, 2020, during ESL One Los Angeles 2020. The meeting ended in Alliance's favor with a 2-1 score. Alliance is composed of Nikolay «Nikobaby» Nikolov, Linus «Limmp» Blomdin, Gustav «s4» Magnusson, Simon «Handsken» Haar and Artyom «Fng» Barshak. On Team Unique's side there are Nikita «Palantimos» Grinkevich, Rostislav «fn» Lozovoy, Andrey «Ghostik» Kadyk, Semyon «CeMaTheSlayeR» Krivulya and Danil «Bignum» Shekhovtsov. Bookmaers have no doubts that Alliance will come out victorious, the odds for this team are 1.14 – compare to 5 for Team Unique.

OG will take on AS Monaco Gambit at the same time. They have fought before five times, four of the matches went in favor of AS Monaco Gambit; that was in 2019, however, and their latest encounter, in April of 2020, ended in a OG victory. Only four players are known so far on AS Monaco Gambit’s side: Artyom «Lorenof» Melnik, Kyalbek «dream'» Tayirov, Vasily «AfterLife» Shishkin and Alexander «Immersion» Khmelevskoy. All five are known in OG's case: Tobias «Topson» Taavitsainen, Anatan «ana» Fam, Sebastian «Ceb» Debbs, martin «Saksa» Sazdov, Johann «n0tail» Sundstein. According to bookmakers, OG should end up the victor: the odds of this being given are 1.35, of the opposite outcome 3.05.

A little later fans can expect a match between «Team Liquid» and «Tundra Esports». These teams have met four times over two seasons of Dota Pro Circuit 2021. In the first Tundra Esports won twice (2-0 and 1-0) and Team Liquid with 1-0. In the second Team Liquid prevailed over Tundra Esports with a 2-1 score. The rosters: Mike «miCKe» Ву, Max «qojqva» Broker, Samuel «Boxi» Swan, Tommi «Taiga» Lee and Aiden «iNSaNiA» Sarkoi – Team Liquid; Oliver «kiter» Lepko, Leon «Nine» Kirilin, Neta «33» Shapira, Tsintsung «Sneyking» U and Ardrian «Fata» Trinx – Tundra Esports. Bookmakers are offering 1.5 odds for Team Liquid, but Tundra Esports, they think, stands a chance – the odds there are 2.48.

They are much more confident about Nigma's victory over (1.2 and 4.2 odds correspondingly). These teams have met nine times before, Nigma won six games and one was a draw. In Nigma’s ranks compete Igor «iLTW» Filatov, Amer «Miracle-» al-Barqavi, Ivan «MinD_ContRoL» Borislavov, Marun «GH» Merkhey and Kuro «KuroKy» Salekhi Takhasomi. is bringing Indji «Shad» Lyub, Miroslav «BOOM» Bitsan, Moris «KheZu» Gutman, Adam «Aramis» Moroz and Melhior «Seleri» Hillencamp.

The rest of the teams are still waiting for their competition to be determined. (Yegor «Nightfall» Grigorenko, Danil «gpK~» Skutin, Dmitry «DM» Dorokhin, Vitaly «Save-» Melnik, Ilyas «Kingslayer» Ganeyev) is going to play against the better team in the OG-AS Monaco Gambit pair. Team Secret (Lasse «MATUMBAMAN» Urpalainen, Mikhal «Nisha» Jankovski, Ludwig «zai» Walberg, Jazid «YapzOr» Zharadat and Clement «Puppey» Ivanov) will take on either Alliance or Team Unique. T1 (Njengnara «23savage» Tiramakhanon, Karl «Karl» Jaim, Carlo «Kuku» Palad, Kenny «Xepher» Deo and Matthew «Whitemon» Philmon) is waiting on the result of the encounter. And Quincy Crew (Yawar «YawaR» Hassan, Quinn «Quinn» Callahan, Rodrigo «Lelis» Lelis Santos, Areef «MSS» Anwar and Avery «SVG» Silverman) will try to gank the winner of the clash between Team Liquid and Tundra Esports.

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