Dota 2: "ESL One Summer 2021" tournament

Dota 2
19 June 2021

Dota 2: "ESL One Summer 2021" tournament details

Something interesting and unexpected during the third game day of the ESL One Summer 2021 tournaments

The meeting between and Alliance met the hopes of the bookmakers. The average odds at the start of the match for's victory were 1.45, when the Alliance won 2.62. The match ended 2-1 and advanced to the final of the upper bracket, Alliance has a chance to continue playing for participation in the tournament in the lower bracket.

The same picture happened at the T1 meeting against the Quincy Crew. The opinion was justified and T1 will face in the final of the upper bracket, beating Quincy Crew with a score of 2-0, who will now go down to the lower bracket. The average odds, before the start of the meeting, at the bookmakers was 1.55 for the victory of "T1", and 2.35 was offered for the victory of the "Quincy Crew".

At the T1 meeting against, the bookmakers bet 1.71 odds for to win against 2.08 for T1 to win. The teams have not met before, and they still have to test each other, but the defeat of one of them will only knock out to the lower bracket, so the teams will not be revealed for sure. But on the other hand, a victory will give a pass immediately to the grand final, which means that we may not see the Ace of Trump, but Jacks, Queens and Kings will definitely fall on the table.

Everyone was surprised by the meeting "Nigma" against "OG". Bookmakers were more inclined to win "Nigma" and offered an average odds of 1.50, and for a win "OG" the average odds was 2.48, but "OG" knocked "Nigma" out of the tournament with a score of 2-1. "Nigma" is in 7th-8th place and takes 10 thousand US dollars, and "OG" will face the "Quincy Crew" and their defeat will mean that they will end their participation in the tournament. Although “Quincy Crew” got here from the upper bracket, and “OG” paved the way to this stage on the lower one, bookmakers more believe in “OG” victory with the odds of 1.44. Quincy Crew is offered an average odds of 2.7. This will be another debut meeting and it is difficult to predict how events will unfold, but the right to participate in the tournament is at stake and the teams will give their best.

At the same time, AS Monaco Gambit lost 2-0 to Most of the bookmakers were ready for this and offered an average odds before the start of the meeting for "" 1.45, against the odds for winning "AS Monaco Gambit" in the amount of 2.62. now has a meeting with Alliance, and AS Monaco Gambit are going home with 10k US dollars and 7-8 places. In the confrontation between “” and “Alliance” bookmakers are more inclined towards the victory of “Alliance” with a coefficient of 1.51, and for “” they give an average coefficient of 2.48. These two esports teams have a richer history of confrontation. Previously, Alliance beat five times, lost three times and the teams ended up in a draw once.

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