The Empress of the Abyss will be the new LOL champion

1 June 2022

The Empress of the Abyss will be the new champion of League of Legends 

Riot Games has published a cinematic video dedicated to the new champion of League of Legends. It will be Bel'Vet - Empress of the Abyss. Rumors about her appearance have been circulating for a long time: a mysterious figure in a dark cloak and with wings previously flashed in the animation of the Creator, which appeared back in 2013. However, at that time the developers did not comment on its appearance, which only fueled the curiosity of the players.

Background of the new champion

The new short cinematics tells about the background of the new champion, who will soon have to fight on the League of Legends maps. The Empress of the Abyss appeared to completely destroy Runterra and create a new world in its place. She has an insatiable hunger; she strives to absorb everything in her path in order to gain as much new experiences and vivid emotions as possible. When absorbed, she takes away the memories of her victims and takes away their knowledge - this gives her the opportunity to gain more and more information about the world around her.

Gradually the Empress gains more and more power, and now she begins to make plans to destroy the Masters of the Abyss. In the cinematography, you can see how effectively she deals with her victims.

Technical parameters and class of the new champion

So far, it is known that the Empress of the Abyss in LOL will be a duelist forester. Her appearance is expected after the installation of update 12.11, Riot Games has already officially published technical details about the capabilities of the new hero. Bel'Vet will have the following skills:

  • Passive skill "Purple Death". After destroying enemy champions or large monsters, the Empress will have an increase in attack speed without a final limit. However, her damage will be reduced at the same time for balance.
  •  Unstoppable Abyss - a dash in any direction, which will cause the player to take damage, followed by a slowdown.
  • From above and from below - a tail kick that causes champions to receive damage with slowing down and tossing.
  • Fury. The Empress creates a murderous whirlwind, as a result of which the players' health decreases and Bel'Vet reduces the damage she takes.
  •  Insatiable hunger. Additional damage is inflicted as a result of auto-attacks.

The Empress of the Abyss in the League of Legends will have a significant advantage in duels with champions if her skills are used correctly, in addition, her skills will allow her to successfully deal with large monsters. Her appearance will be one of the most anticipated changes in the new update.
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