News about Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2. CNS Division 1

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5 May 2021

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2. CNS Division 1

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2 among Division 1 CNS teams is in full swing. The tournament began on the 15th of April, to end on May 21st. Among the eight participating teams the best three will pass on to the Major champtionship level, those in the fourth-sixth places will get to remain in this division, and places seventh and eighth will drop down to Division 2. The contest’s prize fund totals 205,000 US dollars and 1150 rating points of the Dota Pro Circuit. The money will be divided between all of the teams (30K for the first place, 28K for the second, 27K for the third, 26K for the fourth, 25K for the fifth, 24K for the sixth, 23K for the seventh and 22K for the eighth), and the DPC rating points between the best five of them (500 for the first place, 300 for the second, 200 for the third, 100 for the fourth and 50 for the fifth). Many matches have already been fought, and teams' relative strengths are becoming clear.

The first and second places are currently occupied by Team Spirit and with 12 points each and no losses over the past four matches. Team Spirit has beaten PuckChamp with a score of 2-0, Winstrike Team with 2-1, AS Monaco Gambit with 2-0 and Natus Vincere with 2-0. has overcome Natus Vincere, Team Unique and PuckChamp (with a 2-0 score in every case) and AS Monaco Gambit with 2-1.

In the third and fourth places we have Natus Vincere and Winstrike Team, 6 points each, which means both have won as many times as lost – twice: Natus Vincere prevailed over AS Monaco Gambit (2-0) and EXTREMUM (2-0), and Winstrike Team was successful against Team Unique and EXTREMUM, scoring 2-1 in both cases.

Team Unique, AS Monaco Gambit and PuckChamp are roosting on the next rungs. Even though they all have the same number of points, AS Monaco Gambit and PuckChamp have played four games each and won one of them, but Team Unique has fought only three matches, which gives it a chance to butt in yet next to Natus Vincere and Winstrike Team. Team Unique's victory was over PuckChamp (with a 2-1 score), who, in turn, crushed EXTREMUM (2-0); AS Monaco Gambit overcame Winstrike Team with a 2-0 score.

EXTREMUM, with no successes, looks extremely lonely in the eighth place, but this team has only played three games and may yet push up the ladder.

Five games remain to be played in the contest, and they can change everything. EXTREMUM will get the chance first on May 6th, to fight with Team Unique. These teams have clashed before five times, and EXTREMUM was the victor in three of the matches, but two of them were last year’s. Team Unique has won twice in March in the EPIC League Season 3 Division 2. It is little wonder that the odds are stacked high against EXTREMUM: bookmakers believe in a triumph for Team Unique.

On May 7th expect two games: Winstrike Team vs. Natus Vincere and PuckChamp vs. AS Monaco Gambit. Natus Vincere has lost to Winstrike Team eight times, once played them to a draw and once won against them, but all of that was a long time ago, and bookmakers are paying more attention to their records during the current tournament. The odds being offered favor Natus Vincere strongly, which means there is a belief that it will beat Winstrike Team, their previous encounters notwithstanding. PuckChamp has faced off against AS Monaco Gambit only once, in January of this year during Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 of the CNS Division 2; PuckChamp won at that time, too. Now, though, there is little faith in the team, and the odds argue in favor of AS Monaco Gambit’s victory.

For May 9th two fights have been scheduled: Team Unique vs. Team Spirit and vs. EXTREMUM. Team Unique has met and defeated Team Spirit four times, and bookmakers believe they will again. has only met EXTREMUM once, won against them and, in the majority opinion, will do so a second time. The odds show there is slim hope for EXTREMUM's recovery.

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