The Dota2 Imperial Pro Gaming was offered to lose games for money

Dota 2
19 February 2021

The Dota2 team of Imperial Pro Gaming was offered to lose a series of games for money

Fixed matches began to penetrate into the vastness of the esports arena. For the manager of the Tequila roster Andrei Lozinsky known as "Zealoth", who previously represented the Imperial Pro Gaming team, it was unexpected to receive an offer to lose a series of matches in the Dota Pro Circuits league for 12 thousand dollars. An unknown scammer offered to discuss the details of the deal on WeChat and agreed to pay for a fake match against's second roster. The manager of the Russian team did not compromise on the principles of fair competition and rejected the offer.

On his official page in contact ( Andrey posted a screen of the correspondence. He commented that the priority for the team remains the stability of winning results, and the acceptance of the proposals of some scammers completely contradicts the plans for the development of the team and the search for new strategic partnerships. Andrey also stressed that they are open to cooperation and are now looking for an organization for themselves, under the flag of which they are ready to continue to conquer the heights of esports competitions.

From the screen of the correspondence, it is clear that the fraudster also offers a cooperation scheme, in which for a loss in one card the amount of the fee would be 5 thousand dollars. In addition to the voiced option, the unknown offered cooperation on a long-term basis. At the same time, he stated that for the team the problem of financial stability will be completely resolved. The fraudster justified the guarantee of the security of transactions by the fact that he fully operates in China. This is far from the only case of dubious transactions from the Middle Kingdom. Earlier, similar proposals were also addressed to Sergey Glamazda, the head of the Virtus Pro team, offering earnings on fake matches and foul play.

We also remind you that a little earlier the roster rotation took place in the Imperial Pro Gaming team. Mirlan Komzhoev “Le don” moved to the fifth position instead of Anton Marchenko, who left the team. Instead, Anton Kovalev “qoval” joined the team, who will now play in fourth position. It is worth noting that for the IPG team, participation in the Dota Pro Circuits league will be final, after which they will completely say goodbye to this tag.

Earlier, players from the former Imperial Pro Gaming roster managed to win a series of games against VP.Prodigy. The final score of the meeting was 2 wins against one defeat for IPG. The team is currently ranked fourth in the lower division of the Dota Pro Circuits league, with three wins and three losses. I would like to believe that the guys will be favored by luck and success in the upcoming games!


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