DOTA: Dragon's Blood Final Trailer

Dota 2
5 March 2021

Dragon's Blood Final Trailer

The final trailer for DOTA: Dragon's Blood was also full of details. At the beginning of the trailer, Fimrin tells us how in the Silver Woods the true goddess of the moon, Selemene, gifted the Temple of Men with magical lotuses. It is also noteworthy that someone, and considering that the frame falls on Invoker, apparently he will put flowers on the ground, the goddess will return. After that we return to the line of the main character, who in his nightmares hears either the dragons he killed, or he has already merged with Slayrak, who communicates with representatives of his own species, or maybe just a side effect of incest and thus he receives the wisdom of the ages, which was gifted to him by an ancient dragon.

In the next shot, he is approached by either the dragon or the demon Terrorblade, offering power. We are leaning towards the second option, but we have teased the appearance of the demon in a very interesting way. Posters were posted on the Dota 2 Twitter account, connecting them you can get a QR code, and clicking on the link, we will see the release of Terrorblade, or rather his escape from the Well of Souls, a mirror hellish prison, fwhere no one else could escape from.

Later, we are returned to Fimrin, who says that the true goddess Selemene lives in lotuses and abducts them using reincarnation, and while fleeing, creates her own illusions. She is noticed by Mirana who chases her by casting Star Rain.

In the next frame, we are reminded again that the animated series will be about Davion, but this is not for long, since we are shown a clearly skeptical Invoker, who claims that all this is just lending.

Then, either the false goddess of the Moon, or the offended and furious, summoned Celemine announces to the Moon - the Lunar Rider, that she is going to war.

After that, we return again to Invoker, who already at this moment, or always, knows much more about Celemine and apparently tells Mirana that the Moon goddess is not the same as her followers imagine her to be. Later, we seem to see confirmation of this. Celemine under the red Moon is clearly not out of good intentions insists that she is the only goddess of the Moon and destroys a whole friendly squad, and we can only think.. did someone doubt it? Is there another challenger?

“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow” this thought was told by Invoker, as if explaining to us that there is also an opposite, like Yin and Yang, which gains strength depending on the strength of the opposite side. And after that everyone understands the scale and the existence of the universe is at stake.

Later in the frame, we see the reincarnation of a man into a Dragon, it seems that Davion himself has turned into Slyrak, and Kayden wants to kill him, either to save his comrade, or to replenish his collection of slain dragons.

After that, we see the triumph of Davion's SSV and the answer of Mirana, who is clearly wiser and claims that if there are no weapons and allies, then it is not at all shameful to retreat.

Based on the trailer, we understand that Davion and Mirana met by chance, either for the sake of killing Dragons, or because of random circumstances, but after that everything will take on a different turn, from which there will be doubts about the correctness or even the truth of the Moon Goddess. This theory is like Valve and Netflix want to slip us on purpose. Judging by the trailer, Selemene is not the real goddess of the moon, but rather the one who pretends to be her. Both Invoker Mirane and Fimrin speak about this.

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