DOTA: Dragon’s Blood - Review

Dota 2
18 February 2021

DOTA: Dragon's Blood

While everyone is waiting for the new Spectra arcana and the promised hero, Netflix has rolled out a trailer for the anime "DOTA: Dragon's Blood". Together with Netflix, Valve will talk about the adventures of the Knight Davion, better known as the Dragon Knight. It is difficult to say whether this anime will include one season or several, or maybe the next seasons will reveal the lore of other heroes, but we will be able to see the first of the eight episodes on March 25th. It is noteworthy that the anime promises to be canonical, so all lovers of Dota 2 lore, despite their attitude to the style of Japanese animation, should familiarize themselves with this work.

Rating "R", that is, "18+", will probably give us interesting bloodthirsty and meaty shots, but considering that Mirana, who flaunts on the official poster, will play a significant role in the journey of the protagonist, the wildest expectations of shippers may be fulfilled.

Based on the trailer, it can be understood that the legendary ancient dragon Slyrak is still alive and Davion has not yet mixed his blood with the dragon's blood. And all lovers of lore know that the Dragon Knight was obsessed with the search and desire to fight the legendary ancient dragon, to which he devoted many years of his life. When meeting the dragon, Davion was very disappointed, because Slyrak was already old and weak. As soon as the knight was about to turn around and leave, seeing no honor in victory, he heard the whisper of an ancient dragon, who asked to be honored and given the opportunity to die in battle. The battle was clear, but Davion hadn't expected the dragon's claw to pierce his throat when the sword was in Slyrak's chest. And it was at this moment that the blood of the knight mixed with the blood of the dragon and Davion received as a gift from Slyrak his fortitude and wisdom of the ages, and when the knight calls upon the ancient forces for help, the dragon wakes up in him.

It is interesting that Dragon Knight and Mirana have no replicas in the Dota 2 game client at all, which means that we will have a significant expansion of the lore and interesting facts about the heroes before their participation in the battle of the Ancients.

Also, due to the anime's release, rumors circulate that the Dragon Knight and Mirana models will be updated, but fans have concerns that they will have a Japanese anime look. Good or not, the question is relative, but what is present in the game client now is clearly not the first freshness and everyone would agree that a couple of extra polygons will not hurt anyone.

Let's go back to the series and meet the showrunner of the project, Ashley Miller. He wrote the script for the films Thor and X-Men: First Class, and his studio is also working on an anime film based on the Witcher universe, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The synopsis promises that we will be introduced to other heroes of the Dota 2 universe, and one question remains, will Ashley Miller shoot the backstory for the fans of the game or still for those who are not at all familiar? In any case, everyone wins. For you and me, this is content that is so lacking, for Valve, these are new players, and for Netflix, new subscribers. Hopefully, the lore will remain consistent, and the anime writers and mobs will coordinate their stories.

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