Dota 2: Snow Sweet Snow # 2 results

Dota 2
2 March 2021

Snow Sweet Snow # 2 results

The group stage of the "Snow Sweet Snow # 2" tournament with a prize fund of 50,000 US dollars has just ended just a few days ago. The prize fund will be distributed among the first four places, namely the first place will receive $ 25,000, the second place is $ 15,000, the third place is $ 7,500, and the fourth place is $ 2,500. The organizer was the tournament operator "Relog Media".

Tequila and Creepwave will be the first to compete in the lower grid. Group stage Creepwave finished third in Group A, playing seven matches but unexpectedly losing only one game against B8 Esports. They are probably the strongest team in the lower grid, as they finished the group with 18 points and shared first, second and third places with PuckChamp and Hellbear Smashers, who also have 18 points. Creepwave includes MiLAN Milan Kozomara, Crystallis Remco Arets, Malr1ne, AMMAR_THE_FUCKER, Fishman Dmitry Polishchuk. Tequila finished the group stage in sixth place. In 7 games, they managed to win only two, against the obvious outsiders of Group B, namely "Hippomaniacs" and "Cascade Esports". Tequila includes Rari, Askold Ruslan Temiraliev, SuperNova Viktor Galichkin, qoval, le don, antoha Anton Marchenko.

The next games in the same lower grid will be Spider Pigzs vs. Recast Gaming. These teams can hardly be called equal, since “Recast Gaming”, consisting of “agressive child” Kamil Biktimirov, “TANNER” Jason Vidon, “LastHero-” Oleg Demidovich, “5up” Enis Elfki, “Alexxo”, finished the group with 3- 4 places, having played seven matches with two defeats, and shared places with the team "Brame", which they lost. And also “HellRaisers” turned out to be beyond their strength. “Spider Pigzs”, in the lineup of “lil pleb” Stoyan Kostrov, “No! Ob ™” Tony Assaf, “Mitch” Damir Shkarichich, “dnz” Dino Shavuk, “LeBronDota” Nikola Popovich, on the contrary, won two games out of seven. Victory against a weak opponent

“NoUndying” is quite justified, but the victory over “B8 Esports” is worthy of respect, as the teams are equal.

After us, we will be pleased with the confrontation between "No Bounty Hunter" and "Winstrike Team". In the group stage, the teams are divided by three points, that is, one victory. "Winstrike Team", with their own roster "dyrachyo" Anton Shkredov, "re1bl" Maxim Afanasyev, "chshrct" Evgeniy Kastrama, "yamich" Daniyal Lazebny, "Pantomem", lost three times when "No Bounty Hunter", in the " kAANMVP "," ntakii "," BliNcc "," dEsire "," Flash "Angel Nyamtu," Hustla "Ravdan Narmandah, won three times. The Winstrike Team weren't able to pull games off three favorites from Group A, Creepwave, PuckChamp and Hellbear Smashers. “No Bounty Hunter”, in a mirror-like manner, defeated three outsiders of Group B “Cascade Esports”, “Tequila”, “Hippomaniacs”.

The games of the first part of the second round in the lower grid are completed by B8 Esports and Brame. In the group stage, the teams are divided as much as 9 points, that is, three wins. The roster of "B8 Esports" in the faces of "RdO-" Leonardo Fernandez, "Dendi" Danil Ishutin, "Sexyfat" Diego Barin, "TSA" Sergey Timchenko, "Duster" Heitor Pereira "BoraNija" Dusko Boranikhashevich, won only the outsiders of the group "NoUndying" , "IVY". Brame with members of the Focus team Thassos Mikhailidis, W1sh- Irakli Peranidze, SkyLark Harris Zafiriu, Stomanen1 Nikolay Kalchev, SsaSpartan Giorgos Giannokopoulos, gave the victory only to the favorites of the group and HellRaisers.

For some, the lower grid may seem very predictable in its results, but we are still waiting for interesting confrontations, where the teams will be able to open up and show all their skills.

PuckChamp and HellRaisers will be the first in the upper grid. PuckChamp includes Desperate, krylat Alexander Krylatov, meLes Andrey Romanov, Astral Gennady Motuz, Dukalis Andrey Kuropatkin, and HellRaisers included young G Nikita Bochko, Cooman Zaur Shakhmurzaev, "Resolut1on" Roman Fominok, "lil me alone" Ilya Ilyuk,

"VANSKOR" Ivan Skorokhod, "9pasha" Pavel Khvastunov. During the seven matches of the group stage, PuckChamp lost only to Creepwave, an equal team. The same can be said about “HellRaisers”, who managed to win six games, except for the game against “”, which proved to be no worse in this tournament.

And the semi-finals of the upper grid are closed by the games "" against "Hellbear Smashers". includes such esportsmen as KheZu Maurice Gutman, Shad Inji Lub, BOOM Miroslav Bitsan, Aramis Adam Moroz, Seleri Melchior Hillenkamp, ​​Tobi Tobias Buchner, and Hellbear Smashers includes Ace Markus Hölgard, Stormstormer Daniel Schoetzau, MISERY Rasmus Philipsen, Gilgir Georgy Svistunov, tOfu. “” won all the games in the group, except for the game, lost to “Recast Gaming”, which are in 3-4 place, sharing them with “Brame”, but “” themselves share the 1-2 place with “HellRaisers”. So we are waiting for a good confrontation. The Hellbear Smashers lost only to PuckChamp in the group stage, making them equal on points, tied for first to third place with Creepwave.

We will be watching the upper grid with interest, as it has brought together only the best teams of the tournament, which are equal and among them it is difficult to identify a clear favorite.

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