New Dota 2 Patch: Patch 7.31c

Dota 2
30 May 2022


Dota 2 released a new patch 7.31c

Another Dota 2 update was released just before the start of the big major in Stockholm in mid-May 2022. Valve has opened an additional fantasy league for players with the ability to choose participants from Eastern Europe and slightly reworked some aspects of the previous powerful patch 31 Dota 2.

Many pros and amateurs were unhappy with the dramatically increased power of some creeps (Harpy the scout, Troll Necromancer, Skeleton Warrior). The developers of the game corrected this imbalance and increased the skills of some heroes (Arc Warden, Crystal Maiden, Lycan, Slark, Spectre) and reduced the potential of others (Primal Beast, Death Prophet, Tiny, Pugna). In addition, slightly changed the characteristics of some game items (Desolator, Eye of Skadi, Spirit Vessel, Wraith Pact and others).

In general, the adjustment of characters and items in the new Dota 2 patch turned out to be small-scale and is unlikely to seriously affect the course of the game.

Weakening of heroes 

Judging by the reviews of many gamers, they were most annoyed by the power and diverse capabilities of Primal Beast. The developers of the game have significantly reduced them: reduced the base damage multiplier of Trample to 35% and cut the base damage, for the Uproar effect reduced the damage bonus by 5 units and slowed down the movement by 2%. In addition, the hero has simply lost his disguise (the Onslaught effect is now heard in the fog of war).

The hero Tiny, one of the top figures of the previous update, has significantly weakened. Dota patch 7.31c left him without the killer damage numbers of Tree Grab builds: all of them decreased by exactly 15%. Bonus damage with the Grow Tree has also been reduced. Talent onslaught time (+ 40% bonus damage with the Grow Tree) was moved from level 15 to 30.

Death Prophet has lost its punching power (only 50% damage to buildings) and weakened in terms of base damage. Fear duration for Aghanim's Shard (Spirit Siphon) reduced by 25%: only 1.5 seconds instead of two.

For Pugna, the radius of influence of the totem (Neither Ward) has been reduced to 1400 instead of the previous 1600. The range of the Decrepify skill has been slightly reduced the recharge time has been increased by one second. The bonus to the duration of this talent at level 20 was cut to 1 second

Axe, Bane, Broodmother, Dragon Knight, Ember Spirit, Enigma, Huscar, Keeper of the Light, Medusa, Necrophos, Storm Spirit and other characters have also become weaker in the new Dota patch. Heroes have lost important units and percentages in basic health regeneration, hero damage, experience and gold for killing an eidolon, basic movement speed, healing, and other valuable skills.

Hero Enhancement

The developers decided to refresh the latest Dota 2 patch with the "resurrection" of a number of little-used heroes. This is a good attempt to diversify the line-up of characters. Its effectiveness will be clear after the Stockholm Major.

For example - a little-playable hero Spectre became more agile (25 units instead of 23), received a serious increase in recovery and an increased range of the Dispersion skill (up to 400/800).

Slark in Dota 2 patch 7.31c uses less magic points (65 instead of 75) and has been boosted by increasing the Dark Pact to 90/160/230/300.

Phoenix, Pudge are now more dangerous due to increased damage per second (Icarus Dive 15/30/50/70 and Dismember 80/100/120).

The new patch in Dota 2 is also interesting for enhancing the heroes Arc Warden, Bloodseeker, Chen, Lycan, Tinker by increasing base damage, movement speed, damage per second to enemies, base attack speed and strength.

Neutral Creeps

The disproportionate enhancement of creeps has become a stumbling block among gamers in the latest Dota 2 update. Most of all, the criticized the greatly increased skills of the Scout Harpy and the Necromancer Troll. The first then received the Take Off and Piercing Attack skills. Players quickly appreciated the merits of this creep and began to subdue it, earning serious profits from this purchase. The Necromancer Troll was enhanced with armor, the Skeleton Warrior option, and gained excellent speed and base attack time.

In the new 7.31c patch, these creeps have become less dangerous. The Harpy had its vision reduced and its mana consumption increased by 1.5 percent. The action time of the skeletons was slightly reduced for the Troll (to 35 seconds) and his cooldown time was increased to 20 seconds.

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