Dota 2 latest news: Patch 7.31b

Dota 2
28 February 2022


Dota 2 Patch 7.31b: what changes are available to gamers after the update?

Valve on the night of March 1 introduced a new patch 7.31b, in which experts improved the properties of three items, including one neutral. In addition, the developers have slightly altered the addition formula to reduce mana consumption and refined the skills of a number of characters.

Let's take a closer look at what changes were implemented this time.

Updated items

First of all, Dota 2 has seen a significant reduction in mana consumption – now its size is formed according to the principle of decreasing utility. The second most important change is the correction of the characteristics of the three items:

Brigand's Blade - here the magical additional damage for the missing health of the character was replaced by physical damage.

Boots of Bearing – for Drum of Endurance, the duration of the active ability has been reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.

Orchid Malevolence - the total cost of Bloodthorn has been increased by 300 gold, and now you need to buy a recipe for 300 gold.

Updating skills for characters

The developers enslaved and improved the characteristics for different Dota 2 heroes:

  1. For Batrider, they reduced the cost of Flaming Lasso to 150/175/200 mana. Increase the use of Sticky Napalm in any attack by up to 50%. Movement now occurs at a speed of 310. It also adds +20 to the speed at level 15.

  2. Huskar now has a dexterity of 10+1.5, as well as an increased recharge rate - 17/15/13/11.

  3. The hero Lina has an increase in dexterity of 2.4, and intelligence of 3.8. In addition, damage has been increased to 100/150/200/250 and manacost has been reduced to 150/300/450.

  4. For Lone Druid, the Spirit Link attack speed bonus has been reduced to 16/32/48/64, and the total armor has been reduced to 8/12/16/20% and the cooldown time to -8 seconds.

  5. Lycan now has less Summon Wolves damage up to 17-20/23-26/29-32/35-38 . In addition, the wolf's damage has been reduced to 35-38.

  6. Meepo's dexterity gain has been reduced to 2.2, and at level 10, talent +6 is now applied to strength only once.

  7. For Morphling, the basic movement speed was increased to 285, and the turning speed was increased to 0.7.

  8. Naga Siren now has 6 strikes to trigger Rip Tide - the talent simultaneously triggers on the character and in his illusions after applying six attacks. At the same time, the damage is reduced to 40/45/50/55, and at level 10 you can get +30 to Rip Tide damage.

  9. The Puck has a rotation speed increased to 0.9. The developer also improved the basic mana recovery of the hero to 0.5 and the maximum Waning Rift distance - now it is 400.

  10. The function that allows you to dispel the Flesh Heap is no longer available for Pudge. Also, the recharge and duration are reduced to 20/18/16/14 and 5/6/7/8, respectively. At the same time, the mana consumption is 35/40/45/50.

  11. Riki has now reduced its main speed to 315. However, the developers have increased the mana consumption on Blink Strike to 50/55/60/65 and reduced the sleep duration from Sleeping Dart from Aghanim's Shard to 3.

  12. For Storm Spirit, the recharge time of Electric Vortex talent has been reduced to 20/18/16/14.

  13. Techies has reduced incoming Blast Off damage to 35/30/25/20%.In addition, it can be applied depending only on the current health. Enemy damage is 200/300/400/500, recharge is 39/36/33/30, duration of disarming from Reactive Tazer – 2,4/2,7/3,0/3,3 , and the Sticky Bomb explosion slows down opponents by 2 seconds in a radius of 15/25/35/45%. At level 20, the character gets +125 to the radius of launching and exploding Sticky Bomb.

  14. Terrorblade has a range of the Reflection function of 500, and the recharge time of Metamorphosis is reduced to 150. The incoming Conjure Image damage for this character is 300%.

  15. The Tiny hero gets less bonus damage with a 40/45/50% tree and bonus armor from Grow 10/15/20. At level 15, the bonus damage will be 40%.

  16. For Undying, Tombstone's zombie damage is now only 33-36.

  17. Zeus has the Heavenly Jump talent, which gives 20/50/75/100 damage, as well as a review on the eve of activating the deceleration trigger.

Most gamers were satisfied with the changes, noting a significant increase in the efficiency of the game.

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