CS:GO: IEM Katowice 2021

23 February 2021

IEM Katowice 2021

The teams in the Playoffs at the IEM Katowice 2021 tournament have been determined and six teams will compete for first place and huge money prize:

  • $400,000 1st place prize
  • $180,000 will get for second place
  • $80,000 for third and fourth
  • and $ 40,000 for fifth and sixth

And the rest of the prize pool totaling $ 1,000,000 will be distributed on a descending basis among all other participants in the tournament up to twenty-fourth place. And starting from the seventh place it is already known who and how much will tear themselves away from the prize fund:

  1. "G2 Esports" - $ 24,000
  2. "FURIA Esports" - $ 24,000
  3. "Heroic" - $ 16,000
  4. "Evil Geniuses" - $ 16,000
  5. "Team Vitality" - $ 16,000
  6. FaZe Clan - $ 16,000
  7. "mousesports" - USD 10,000
  8. "BIG" - $ 10,000
  9. "OG" - $ 10,000
  10. "Ninjas in Pajamas" - $ 10,000
  11. "Cloud9" - $ 4,500
  12. Renegades - $ 4,500
  13. "Complexity Gaming" - US $ 4,500
  14. "MIBR" - US $ 4,500
  15. Movistar Riders - $ 2,500
  16. TeamOne - $ 2,500
  17. Wisla Krakow - $ 2,500
  18. fnatic - $ 2,500

On February 26, two Russian teams “Natus Vincere” and “Gambit Esports” will be the first to play in the Playoffs of the tournament.

NaVi includes Yegor Vasiliev “flamie”, Alexander Kostylev “s1mple”, Denis Sharipov “electronic”, Kirill Mikhailov “Boombl4”, Ilya Zalutsky “Perfecto”. During the tournament, Natus Vincere played in the upper grid of Group B, where they won two maps in a row from Virtus.pro and FURIA Esports, but lost to Team Liquid with a score of 1-2, however, this did not hurt im go to the Playoffs.

Gambit Esports includes Abay Khasenov “HObbitt”, Timofey Yakushin “interz”, Vladislav Gorshkov “nafany”, Sergey Rykhtorov “Ax1Le”, Dmitry Sokolov “sh1ro”. Gambit Esports lost their first game in Group A on the upper grid to Evil Geniuses with a score of 0-2, but managed to recoup on the lower grid with a landslide 2-0 win against mousesports, beating Heroic 2-1 "And beating G2 Esports with a score of 2-0.

In the last five matches, both teams have lost once and have 4 wins each, and in the last ten matches Natus Vincere got the advantage with nine wins, when Gambit Esports has seven wins. But the teams have already met in a confrontation 10 times, where "Gambit Esports" won 6 victories. Bookmaker users are more inclined to win "NaVi" and the average coefficient for their victory is 1.4, while "Gambit Esports" has an average coefficient of 2.5. The outcome of these games will affect who Team Spirit will fight against on February 27 with Boris Vorobyov “magixx”, Nikolai Bityukov “mir”, Leonid Vishnyakov “chopper”, Abdul Hasanov “degster”, Viktor Orudzhev “somedieyoung”. Interestingly, all three teams in this thread are representatives of Russia, so no matter who wins, we will be rooting for the team from Russia in the final.

Also on the same day "Astralis" and "Virtus.pro" will meet.

Astralis includes Nikolai Ridtz "device", Lucas Rossander "gla1ve", Peter Rasmussen "dupreeh", Andreas Hoyslet "Xyp9x", Emil Reif "Magisk". Astralis won two games in Group A 2-0 against mousesports and Evil Geniuses, but lost 1-2 against Team Spirit.

Jami Ali “Jame”, Marek Galinskis “YEKINDAR”, Aleksey Golubev “Qikert”, Sanzhar Kuliev “SANJI”, Timur Tulepov “buster” are members of Virtus.pro. Virtus.pro moved down to the lower grid of Group B after the defeat against Natus Vincere 0-2, but performed well on the lower grid by winning 2-0 against three teams, Ninjas in Pajamas, Team Vitality, FURIA Esports.

Four wins in the last five matches have been won by Virtus.pro, while Astralis has only three. The picture is the same over the last ten matches, where Virtus.pro has seven wins and Astralis has six. But the teams have already played 17 times against each other, and Astralis has a significant advantage of 11 wins, against, respectively, 6 for Virtus.pro. Probably, based on this, most bookmakers with an average odds of 1.4 trust Astralis to win, while Virtus.pro is represented as an outsider with an average odds of 2.7. The winner on February 27 will be played by "Team Liquid" with Michael Vince "Grim", Jonathan Jablonovski "EliGE", Gabriel Toledo "FalleN", Jake Yip "Stewie2k", Keith Markovic "NAF".


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