CSGO ESEA Season 36 Premier Division - Europe

25 February 2021

CSGO ESEA Season 36 Premier Division

ESEA Premier started on January 26th and the group stage games are still going on. ESEA Premier is the highest division in the league system from the organizer ESEA. Winners will receive invitations to ESL Pro League Season 14, as well as a piece of the prize pool that has yet to be announced. The upcoming events are scheduled for March 3 this year, where two Polish teams Anonymo Esports and PACT will meet. Anonymo Esports includes innocent Pavel Mosek, Snax Janusz Pogorzelski, mouz Mikołaj Karolevski, KEI Kamil Petkun and Kylar. It is hard to imagine that Anonymo Esports, which are in the TOP 1 in Group B, will lose to PACT, which includes Vegi Arek Navoyski, darko Kasper Sciera, lunAtic David Cieshlak, Sobol Kamil Sobolevsky, MINISE "Jacek Jezjak, who are in eighth and ninth place with zero points, sharing them with Nexus Gaming in the same group. Although the loss for the favorite of the group will not play a special role, it will help the outsider not to fall out of the premier division. So we are waiting for the pot from PACT and the beautiful game from Anonymo Esports.

On March 4, there will also be two confrontations, in one of which the Poles from Wisła Kraków will play together with szpero Grzegorz Jamalek, hades Olek Miskiewicz, mynio Viktor Kruk, jedqr Grzegorz Jedras, ponczek Patrick Vites and representatives of Russia “forZe”, whose team included “zorte” Alexander Zagodyrenko, “Kiro”, “Jerry” Andrey Mekhryakov, “almazer” Almaz Assadulin, “FL1T” Evgeny Lebedev. This game will be decisive for “forZe”, since there has not been a single victory in two matches and there are 0 points in the piggy bank, respectively, and the risks of dropping out of the premier division are very high. It is more difficult to say who is objectively stronger, but both teams have a chance to win. However, “forZe” is more dependent on victory, and how this will affect the players, we will be able to see soon. But also on the exit of "forZe" from the premier division, the games of the Bulgarian teams "FATE eSports", which included "milky", "Rock1nG" Ivan

Stratiev, "shaiK", "niki1" Nikolay Pantaleev, "Patrick", and Denmark "Team Singularity" with "TOBIZ" Tobias Teo, "notaN", also known as "NoTaN1dgl", Anton Pedersen "IceBerg" Oliver Berg, "Celrate" "Kasper Andersen" Remoy "Emil Schlichter in the team. Both teams share with the Russian team the last three places with 0 points in Group A. But the interesting fact is that one of the teams will definitely get 3 points, which means that it will take seventh place. That is, "forZe" only needs to win in order to have a chance for the coveted place in the premier division.

This tournament will delight us even before April 18, and we are about to finish the group stage, and the playoffs are still ahead, where there will be blood, sweat and a storm of emotions, so we are closely watching the tournament.

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