Valve tweaks Ancient map for CS:GO

16 May 2021

Valve tweaks Ancient map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

On Friday, May 14th, an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced certain changes to the Ancient map. Some tree branches, which used to obscure corners, were removed, pixel gaps were closed and bird tweeting turned down, which might encourage players to use the map more. The map was also optimized for better FPS.

Other tweaks to Ancient include:

  • A smaller boulder next to the central connector near point A;
  • Trimmed foliage near point A for better corner visibility;
  • Much quieter birds;
  • Corrected water surface pixels next to the terrorists’ base;    
  • Closed pixel gaps by the scaffolding near point В;
  • Did the same for the doorway on the route from the counter-terrorist respawn point to point A;
  • Tuned roof geometry for better grenade bouncing;
  • Considerable overall optimization.

Updates outside of the Ancient map:

  • The efficiency estimate for different weapon types – improved;
  • The multiple unsafe mode start warning bug – fixed;
  • Certain small features of the Grind and Frostbite maps – refined;

Localization files – updated.

Valve has decided to update Ancient on the heels of its 4th of May announcement that this map will replace Train in the tournament map pool of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Ongoing RMR contests will not be affected, but for Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Summer (to start in June) Ancient will be added to the map pool, according to ESL.

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