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Dota 2
9 July 2021

Wraith King guide

Wraith King is a melee hero with the main characteristic - strength (22 + 3). Wraith King is a very strong character with stun and lifesteal. He is usually chosen as the initiator tank due to his high survivability and the most simple playstyle. Thanks to his ultimate Reincarnation, Wraith King almost doubles his health in battles. Depending on the set of items, it can show itself in various roles - Carry, Disabler, Durable, Initiator, Support

Hero weaknesses

For all its versatility and simplicity of play, Wraith King is quite deprived of the mana pool, as well as the dependence on the mana of the ultimate ability at the initial levels. Among other things, low base armor and attack speed at the beginning of the game force the player to be especially careful when finishing off creeps and gold mining, and later when buying items that increase these indicators.

Hero strengths

One of the greatest strengths of Wraith King is that it is a melee hero with high survivability and reliable stun. Thanks to vampirism and critical strike, the hero can be played very simply and effectively, including when farming the forest. And thanks to the ultimate ability, combined with the Aghanim's Scepter upgrade, which turns into ghosts allies who died near the Wraith King, makes this character a team player, capable of playing a decisive role at any stage of the game.

Skill build

The skill build for Wraith King is chosen depending on what role is given to him and what priority is given to farming. For Wraith King in a lane farm position, it is important to maximize WraithFire Blast and Mortal Strike. At the initial levels, especially in combination with a support with strong magical procast, the laning phase will have a high potential for killing characters. Also on the lane, the summoning of skeletons will allow you to effectively break the towers. Therefore, the final skill build at level 7 will look like this 4-0-2-1.
For the Wraith King, who is swinging in the forest from the first minutes of the game, it is important to pump Vampiric Spirit and Mortal Strike in order to maximize the farming speed and survivability. In the case when the priority is given to the maximum farm in order to collect the necessary items and fully enter the team play stage, the skill build will look like this 1-2-3-1. At the same time, it is important to pump WraithFire Blast once in order to increase the chances of a successful enemy gank.

Item build

Given the relatively low base armor and attack speed, Power Treads are the best boot choice, giving the Wraith King additional bonuses to attack speed and stats. With good attribute switching, the Wraith King can increase his strength to increase survivability, agility to increase damage dealt, or intelligence to cast spells. You can also purchase the Magic Wand, which additionally provides all the attributes. Since the Wraith King's health and mana stays quite low without additional items, the instant health and mana regeneration is very beneficial for him.
If Wraith King has a good early game, he can immediately try to accumulate Sacred Relic, which gives an additional 60 damage, and pump it to Radiance, which will additionally deal 60 magic damage and blind enemies by 17%. Items like Assault Cuirass, Abyssal Blade, and Black King Bar greatly increase armor, attack speed, and survivability. However, in order to effectively implement early ganks, it is important to buy a Blink Dagger, which can be upgraded to Swift Blink in the future.


Since Wraith King has rather low attack speed at the initial levels, the left talent at level 10 +15 attack speed looks preferable. At level 15, it is already clear what role the Wraith King plays for the team, so depending on the situation, you can choose either an increase in strength or an increase of +24 damage to skeletons. The talent for increasing skeletal damage will be especially relevant in conjunction with level 20, when you can choose an additional +6 to the summoned skeletons. At level 25, it is customary to choose the right talent, which gives -2 seconds of Mortal Strike cooldown.

Good versus

Thanks to the ultimate ability, Wraith King performs very well against heroes with strong ults aimed at one hero and having a long cooldown, such heroes include Legion Commander, Necrophos, Doom, etc. Many ults become useless as long as the Wraith King has second Life. Also Wraith King is good against Techies mines, and Enigma's ultimate. Also, Wraith King is good against heroes with strong magical procs and silence, because his main abilities are passive and strong physical damage from the hand, the main thing is to get close to the character on Blink Dagger.

Counter picks

Heroes that the Wraith King has a hard time against include heroes that can burn mana, such as Anti Mage, Lion, or Invoker. Also, heroes who can purchase Diffusal Blade will not leave mana for reincarnation for Wraith King, such as Phantom Lancer, Riki, Terrorblade, Naga Siren or Slark. Also, the Wraith King at the initial levels becomes ineffective against heroes with illusions and summons, for example Broodmother. In general, Wraith King is very dependent on his ultimate and any character with illusions and mana burning becomes a counter-pick, be it innate abilities or additional items.


Wraith King is a very strong character with stun and lifesteal. Due to its high survivability and the most simple playstyle, it is perfect as an initiator tank. Thanks to his ultimate Reincarnation, Wraith King almost doubles his health in battles. And thanks to the upgrade due to Aghanim's Scepter, which turns dead allies into ghosts for 7 seconds, it is able to play a decisive command role at any stage of the game.

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