News in dota 2 - Valve banned local files, sixth victory in the first division

Dota 2
19 January 2022

What news are we looking forward to on Dota 2 in mid-January 2022?

A patch that completely stripped players of the ability to play with modified local files. DPC 2021/2022 First Division Dota 2 tournament, who owns the sixth victory? And what will happen to the main event this February? Find out more.

Valve banned modified local Dota 2 client files

On January 14, Valve completely removed the ability for players to play with modified local files in Dota 2. The patch came out rather quickly. According to the updated restriction, the program automatically does not allow you to run a search when a player detects any changes to the client. The result of such an operation is the pop-up of the appropriate notification.

What is the reason?

As explained by representatives of Valve, the reason for such a decision - the dissatisfaction of figures of the professional scene. For example, during the Grand Final OGA Dota PIT EU/CIS Season 5, Tundra Esports offlaner Neta 33 Shapir managed without much difficulty and, contrary to the established rules, passed commands to individual spiders Broodmother. This is only possible by changing the client's local files.

Team Tickles coach Daniel ImmortalFaith Mosa and HellRaisers sports director Maria Gunina noted that such manipulations of players are similar to the use of scripts, which calls into question the observance of the rules of the game and the conduct of fair combat.

First changes

At the beginning of the year - January 5 - Valve added to Dota 2 special console command, through which players could switch the control of units that are under control. Many saw this decision by the developer as an acknowledgement and justification for the actions of the offlaners. So that no disputes and disagreements will follow, the team also introduced the opportunity to officially use the new method without the need to change the local files.


Interestingly, the innovation also banned players from using third-party programs to customize characters in the game. This is confirmed by posts on Reddit, where users note the updated features of the patch. Now every player who wants to use cosmetic items will have to look for them in a special store.

The sixth victory in the first division of DPC 2021/2022 for the CIS was again won by Team PuckChamp

Literally at the beginning of January, during the first division of Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 for the CIS, team PuckChamp beat HellRaisers with unbelievable success. The match ended practically "dry", with a score of 2-0.

This is interesting

HellRaisers was the team that suffered its first defeat in a tournament. As the statistics shows, on the account of Arman Orazbayev Malady team 12 points. The result of the match with PuckChamp surprised many, and the winners immediately got new fans.

Briefly about the division

The DPC 2021/2022 CIS Division 1 games are played between December 2 and January 21. All games are online and everyone can watch the opponents or favorites. The total prize fund of the competition is 205 thousand dollars, the team, in turn, will receive 690 points.

Valve canceled the first major in the season 2022 on Dota 2

At the beginning of the year, Valve announced the cancellation of the first Dota 2 majors this season. The competition was supposed to start in February and will take place, if we believe the rumors from outside, in the CIS.

What's the reason?

As the company explains, the main reason for the cancellation is the difficult epidemiological situation in the world, which at the beginning of the year began to deteriorate again. The result was the inability to gather a large number of players at the LAN tournament.

What will happen?

The cancellation of the majors is not the most pleasant news for Dota 2 players. In this regard, Valve has decided to redistribute tournament points for the second and third majors, which are still scheduled to take place.

The result of this decision is the preservation of the balance of points between the two stages:

- Regional;

- Interregional.

It is worth noting that the announcement of the cancellation of the first major is published on the official website of the game. Also posted there are comments from company representatives, who had a hard time making such a decision.

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