The first clip Lol Pls

13 March 2021

The first clip League of Legends Pls

The official YouTube channel of League of Legends has published the first clip of the Lol Pls series, where the videogame’s executive produce Jessica “Safelocked” Nam talks about the game client and gameplay clarity and its design director Andrei "Meddler" van Roon about the current state of LoL. The series, in fact, appeared on the channel four years ago under the name Riot Pls, and all game updates and designer plans were covered more or less equally, but now every issue will be devoted to one game. Today it is League of Legends.

The design director Andrei van Roon spoke about the state of the game and the items update for the new season. The developer team is seriously concerned about game balance now and in particular champions’ use of items. The update was intended to expand their variety for most champions. Champions tend to use a narrow set of items, chosen only for their power, not special characteristics, so the developers had to weaken some of the equipment to stop eclipsing the rest. They were also busy tweaking many underdog items that did not use to work very well to make them more broadly useful. A few non-mythical items were added for a better game balance. The characters themselves and their relative strengths in different roles received some adjustments. Getting ready for the season, ranged attackers' and casters' attributes were improved to increase their importance in early game, but foresters were nerfed: they will now receive less gold and experience from forest creeps.

Jessica Nam, for her part, talked about optimizing the game client. The client, she asserted, now works considerably faster and more reliably, with fewer log-on crashes. The developers have worked hard to clarify the gameplay. Players who have enjoyed League of Legends for a decade should no longer be confused about which characters they are seeing. Every champion’s outline was made unique and recognizable. In other news, an interesting event is up ahead, namely a new line of images called Groove Galaxy, a sort of medley of absurdist and retrofuturistic elements. A new champion to make an appearance in one of the nearest updates will showcase this line. Yes, and the update will bring an All for One mode, long desired by many players. Let’s wish the developers success in their work on the balance, clarity and innovative concepts!

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