League of Legends update, Game of the Year title, new patch 11.24

13 December 2021

League of Legends: The Game Awards 2021 Game of the Year title and other news

Riot Games studio not just created a unique virtual universe that attracts thousands of gamers from all over the world. The developer is constantly improving its product, making it even more interesting for the players, as well as attractive as a discipline for organizing tournaments on which viewers bet on lol. Therefore, it is not strange that almost every day there is different news about League of Legends - here are the most fascinating of the latest developments.

Title from The Game Awards - Best Completion of 2021

The League of Legends computer game, created by Riot Games, has been named the best discipline of the year by The Game Awards 2021. It beat no less popular CS:GO, Dota 2 and other multiplayer titles. It should be noted that the developer has already won awards in this category in 2019 and 2020, although LoL has previously lost more than once to Overwatch, the main product of Blizzard Entertainment Studios.

Sessions: Diana" premieres.

Riot Games Music has delighted LoL fans with a new music album, "Sessions: Diana." It consists of 43 tracks in different styles, which everyone can use for their own purposes absolutely free and without copyright infringement.

This album is the result of the join work of 25 talented musicians. Thanks to this, among the compositions of "Sessions" you can choose the most appropriate option to create new content. When creating the music, the performers were inspired by Diana's adventures, during which she observes the landscapes from her dreams.

As of today, it is known that the company does not intend to stop at this experiment. So after a while, fans of the League of Legends game will be presented with new, no less interesting projects.


In December, the studio Riot Games released update 11.24. In this patch, the developer strengthens the augmentation of features, as well as adjusting the balance. In addition, players can note the refinement of the structure of events in the game, affecting the features of obtaining points for the various events of the League in the TFT. However, the experts have taken care of not only the update, but also corrected a number of bugs: now Lissandra does not miss, the heroes more accurately select targets, and in "Double Strike" will return scout tacticians.

First of all, it is worth noting that the 11.24 patch will last longer than other cycles, as, in fact, the b-version of this update. Such a decision is due to the desire to keep the dynamics and variety of the game during the New Year holidays.

Let's look at some of the most important changes in LoL:

1.    Dominant in the meta are mutants and compositions, which mainly prolong the battles. It is for them and weakens some of the augmentations that increase efficiency. For example, the additional health when mutants are upgraded to two stars is now 500 instead of 600, and the attack power is 30. Damage has also been increased to 65% and surprise find to 15/30/45.

2.    Increased the strength of champions by upgrading items. For example, thanks to patch 11.24 Cho`Gat quickly accumulates charges, and Darius and Cassadian are more powerful compared to other characters in this rank.

3.    The developers have shortened the duration of the shields of heroes-protectors, at the expense of which they are not completely invulnerable - this makes it possible, in the end, to defeat the opponent.

4.    Due to the fairly frequent use of various compositions that prolonged the fight, it was decided to weaken the Thorn Vest from 80 to 70, as well as increase the periodicity of obtaining charges for the Staff of the Archangel from 4 to 5 seconds.

Despite the fact that the patch 11.24 brought a lot of changes to the gameplay in League of Legends, perhaps very soon Riot Games will please gamers with new updates.

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