League of Legends news - new league and LOL tournaments, "PROJECT bonuses"

20 January 2022

New league in League of Legends and other news

The year 2022 hasn't even started yet, and in the world of League of Legends there're already some news that will be interesting both for the professional players and numerous fans. Let's look at the most interesting of them.

League of Legends tournaments for semi-professionals and amateurs

Back at the end of 2021, Riot Games studio announced the upcoming changes in the CIS tournament ecosystem for League of Legends. According to them, each season, special open tournaments will now be held every week, which can be participated by all wishing semi-professionals in the discipline, as well as amateurs.

LoL developers have decided to take the top five teams based on the results of these tournaments in the LCL Open Cup. There will also be another opportunity to qualify for the Open Cup - the team will have to play in the qualification "Last Chance" and if they win, they will win a direct slot in this group stage.

Once the season is over, the six Open Cup teams that made it to the group stage by playing in the open league will have the opportunity to compete for a playoff spot in the tournament. During the whole period, there will be 30 matches in the bo1 format,  from which the four best teams will qualify for the playoffs according to the results. That's among them and will be divided between 7th and 8th place in the LCL spring split. It should be noted that the playoff stage of the Open Cup is organized in double elimination format - this means that the top two teams in this tournament will automatically become participants in the LCL, which will take place in the summer.

The new season of League of Legends starts on February 12 and promises to be one of the most eventful in the last few years, thanks to the "bonuses" that Riot Games has prepared for the fans of the game.

"PROJECT bonuses" in League of Legends: Wild Rift

From January 5 to 17 in League of Legends: Wild Rift is a special "PROJECT Bonuses" promotion, during which players have an opportunity to get an extra amount of blue dust for themselves. It began on January 5 and, according to preliminary information from the developer, should end on January 17.

During this project, each of the players automatically received two daily bonuses, which were displayed only in the "Events" section. It should be noted that they are also used automatically - for each match played, the gamer receives an additional 85 units of blue dust on his account, regardless of how the game goes.

According to the rules of the project, a player can have only seven bonuses at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to control how much time is left to get new points in order to have time to use up the old ones.

What should fans of the games from Riot Games expect?

Recently, the studio Riot Games pays quite a lot of attention to improving its products and its promotion. Thus, at the end of 2021, League of Legends players had the opportunity to take part in the Guardians of Light project - one of the stages of the first multi-month story arc, expanding the history of the LoL universe.

Here the developers combined elements from several products of the studio. The event proved to be a great success: holding a large-scale "Blossom Festival", the launch of the special "Book of Absolute Skills", as well as the release of the champion in four games.

The feedback from professional players and League of Legends fans confirmed how important it is to keep expanding the game's universe and nurturing new champions. Therefore, Riot Games intends to hold other story events, which will be no less extensive and interesting.

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