Riot Games: League of Legends - news and changes

9 November 2021

Riot Games: League of Legends takes it to the next level

Developer studio Riot Games is taking active steps to bring the already popular computer game League of Legends to the next level. So very soon interesting changes are waiting for the LoL fans - about them below.

LoL champions in the Epic Games Store

Developers Riot Games and Epic Games have signed a cooperation agreement. It should be noted that for the studio Riot Games, which exists for 12 years, this is the first experience when the heroes are added to someone else's game. Thanks to the cooperation, several new League of Legends titles will appear in the EGS online store's catalog very soon. Each of them will activate a separate Riot Client Launcher. In addition, in Fortnite you will be able to meet Jinx from the same game - this is another result of this cooperation.

Collaboration with Among Us: what will the developers please with?

Very soon the game Among Us from Innersloth studio will be filled with thematic tasks and skins, which are devoted to LoL, as well as to the just-released series "Arcane".

Among Us is a fairly popular multiplayer social game in which the display of user deduction is important. So far, fans of both games have been able to see a trailer showing only one skin on Heimerdinger, a Yordle scientist who is obsessed with science. Aside from this information, Riot Games and Innersloth have not disclosed any other details about their collaboration.

Will League of Legends show up at the Olympics?

Naz Aletaha, head of the cybersports division at Riot Games Studios, announced the company's intention to make LoL an Olympic discipline. She said that they have already initiated talks with the leadership of the International Olympic Committee.

To date, the process of including the computer game League of Legends in the Olympic program is in its early stages. In turn, Naz Aletaha said that the developers themselves are not able to influence any of the moments, and the final decision will only depend on the IOC leadership.

It should be noted that the initiative Riot Games has the right to live. After all, at the moment, LoL tournaments are already included in the program of a number of sports competitions. For example, in 2018 in this discipline a set of medals was played at the Asian Games. In addition, this experience is planned to be repeated at the Asian Games in 2022. Therefore, it is possible that already in 2024, professional teams on League of Legends will have the opportunity to fight for the title of not only champions, but also the Olympians.

Scout is the most valuable player of the 2021 World Championship tournament

Team Edward Gaming midliner Lee "Scout" Ye Chan has been named Most Valuable Player of the 2021 World Championship Tournament for League of Legends.

At this tournament, the EDG team managed to beat rivals DWG KIA and become the winners of Worlds 2021 with a score of 3-2. First, the team defeated their opponents on the first map, but lost on the next two locations. Nevertheless, at the next stage, the team from China not only evened the score, but also overtook their opponents who were defending Worlds 2020 champions.

The 2021 World Championship was held in Reykjavik from 5 October to 6 November with a prize pool of $2.225 million. More than 4 million people watched the final of the tournament simultaneously - a record for the discipline.


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