League of Legends - January news digest, Golden Lantern Giveaways, updated trials.

9 January 2022

League of Legends: what can eSports players expect in January 2022? 

The new year of 2022 brought a lot of unique and incredibly interesting events in the League of Legends, both for players and spectators betting on the lol. In the near future, players are waiting for the main January LOL-event, a competition to choose the champion for the VIO, and much, much more. Today we will tell you the main news from the world of the cult game and we will try to transfer our holiday mood to you. So, let's go!

Golden Lantern Presents" - the main LOL event of January 2022.

On January 20, all League of Legends fans will be able to take part in a unique in-game event, loudly named "Gifts of the Golden Lantern". Everyone who attends this virtual event will have a chance to win a holiday firecracker, an egg of the Beastmaster and many other interesting gifts. Players will also have a good time solving various puzzles, lighting lanterns and chatting with fellow players.

To be eligible to participate in the event, you need to visit the world of LOL and get an invitations from the clutches of Duckbill. The official site of the project has informed gamers that on the PC to get acquainted with the task and receive prizes will only go to the very center of the event. As for the version for smartphones, then there everything will happen automatically.

Detailed information about the prize sets players can get on the official event page on the LOL website.

Another vote for the champion for VIO has started

Riot Games has announced the start of the next annual voting, the results of which will determine the champion to receive the VIO. For now, the developer is still working with Udir, but plans to switch to a new hero right after that.

Voting is set to end on January 20, so players still have time to "think". In total, there are five champions in the contest, the most in urgent need of updating - Trindamir, Shivana, Nocturne, Kog'Mao and Skarner. Work on one of these characters will begin 2-3 months after the voting results are tallied.

You can vote for your favorite character in the LOL client. The developers assure that they will definitely keep gamers informed and share with them all the important news regarding the renewal of the champions. As for the completion of the project, it is planned to announce it separately.

LOL will have a unique test system

In the very near future in LOL should appear completely unique in its structure test system. According to the developers, the integration of this update will allow players to keep track of their achievements, taking into account the most different aspects - the most spectacular moments, additions to the collections, participation in events, etc.

The new challenge system will have an impact on the entire League, regardless of which style of play a gamer chooses. If the official information from Riot Games is to be believed, the final version of the update is planned to achieve the following goals:

  • the ability to track changes in progress and skill levels in LOL;
  • the ability to visualize achievements obtained in the League and compete with other gamers using them;
  • adding a large number of new types of achievements and challenges to the gameplay.

Riot Games will announce the completion of testing of the new challenge system additionally - stay tuned for our news.

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