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29 October 2021

Magnus in Dota 2: Winning by a Tip of the Horn


The popular PC game Dota 2 puts the Magnus character among the strongest players, particularly in team scrimmages. It is therefore not surprising that many players prefer this character. He has special abilities that allow him to effortlessly handle the crowd of enemies, as well as causing tangible damage to opponents.


Let's consider the features of Magnus in more detail so that players can better understand this character.  It will be useful for those who want to learn how to play this character and those who bet on dota 2 in the BK LOOT.BET.


Character Features

Magnus is a hero who can be very effective against other pushers because he can take down creeps in a heartbeat. He's the best way to start a battle, like when you use a Wulk and burst. The result will not be long in coming. In addition, this character is not much dependent on the artifacts, but his strength can be increased by several times by buying additional items.


Of course, he's not much suited for the line. However, if he performs in that position, it will be difficult for enemies to stay alive. The table below summarizes Magnus's main skills.





23 + 3.2


15 + 2.5


19 + 1.65


32 - 44



Speed of movement


Range of attack


Attack animation

0.5 + 0.84

Attack speed


Projectile speed


Cast animation

0.3 + 0.6

Turning speed


Character Advantages and Disadvantages

Magnus is one of the strongest characters in Dota 2. This is due to the fact that he has several advantages:

1. He's more or less a versatile hero who can play well for any team with any lineup. He has good enough potential to do even the most complex tasks, including the endgame.


2. In the first turn, he can be turned into one of the most versatile mercenaries in the game.

3. He can also be very effective in defending against opponents who have already lost an armor to Shockwave, which makes him invaluable in defeating opposing opponents. Notably, Shockwave doesn't waste much mana, so he can safely and efficiently farm while playing in a lane.

4. The good survivability of the character is due to the fact that his main characteristic is strength. In addition, he has a fairly good armor and movement speed.

5. Improved ability Skewer provides a good escape mechanism.

6. Magnus can be used quite often, especially if the player has one source of mana replenishment, such as Bottle.

7. The character doesn't depend much on various artifacts, so you don't have to buy a lot of items for this character to affect the outcome of the battle.

8. Cast Skills has good medium speed animation, so it's easy to control the hero's abilities and cancel certain skills instantly if needed.

However, when choosing Magnus, the player must also consider some disadvantages, which can also affect the outcome of the game:

1. due to the fact that the main abilities are applied on the ground, there is a risk of missing the target. Therefore, you should get used to every skill and gain enough experience before going into battle.

2. Magnus is never very dominant in the lane, so he should be used in conjunction with his allies, and he can take down more opponents if he's not.

3. In this case he can take down more opponents. 3. his attack animation is slow, so he can't always use the auto-attack feature to deal with creeps.

Skill Build Description

Magnus is one of the best bundled heroes in Dota 2. Choosing this hero, the player can have the following skills:


1. Shockwave is relevant only at the beginning of the game, so it should be pumped immediately. This is a wave with a long range (1150) and the ability to inflict damage to several opponents simultaneously. It's a versatile ability that can be used for pushing and anti-push, as well as farm and harassment. Requires only 90 mana for Magnus to deal 300 AOE damage. Additionally, using Bottle and Arcane Boots will allow for occasional spamming.

2) Skewer is the ability to initiate and then leave the battle. It is pumped in the second turn. This is one of the most interesting skills, because it gives the character a lot of tactical opportunities. During the movement he slows down the enemies and collects them all in one point to deal damage later. Also with the help of Skewer the hero is able to quickly run away, including on uneven terrain. Experienced players use Skewer with Reverse Polarity Ultruth or Blink Dagger.

3) Empower: Magnus's Empower skill increases the damage dealt not only by himself, but also by his allies. This ability is the last one to be pumped, as it is useless in the beginning. This ability lets you take down a bunch of enemies in a matter of seconds. "Splash damage only works on melee attacks. Among Empower's advantages are a low cooldown of 8 seconds, a low mana cost, and a 40-second duration at any level. This allows Magnus to buff an entire team and give a nice damage bonus. The buff does not get reduced when you get magic immunity (e.g. Black King Bar), so it can be used at any point in the game. In addition, the skill is easy to develop with Aghanim's Scepter, but there are more relevant artifacts for Magnus.

4. Reverse Polarity is one of the most powerful control skills in this PC game. It can be used to draw multiple enemies simultaneously and stun them instantly. The advantage of the skill is that it works even on the opponents that are immune to magic. However, the damage dealt by the ult is too low, so it's usually used for initiating combat and controlling enemies. Sometimes Reverse Polarity can change the outcome of a battle in a matter of seconds.

Magnus's magics should be pumped in this order:

1.  Shockwave.

2.  Skewer.

3.  Shockwave.

4.  Skewer.

5.  Shockwave.

6.  Reverse Polarity.

7.  Shockwave.

8.  Skewer.

9.  Skewer.

10.  Empower.

11.  Reverse Polarity.

12.  Empower.

13.  Empower.

14.  Empower.


16.  Reverse Polarity.


18-25.  +.

This order allows you to maximize your damage and achieve the desired results in the game.

Game Strategy

The following strategies can be used to play Magnus well and have as much fun as possible

Tactics at the start of the game

Magnus is ideally suited for a challenging solo lane where the character can amass some power and level six quickly enough. He has a good amount of HP as well as an ecap skill, so using Magnus allows for excellent farming on the lines they occupy.

As for the purchases, it's better to prefer Tango at first to restore HP, 3x Iron Branch, which will be later enhanced to Magic Stick. If you want, you can buy Gauntlets of Strength or Stout Shield to increase survivability. And after taking a position on the line you should buy Boots of Speed.

While on the line, you should collect experience and occasionally finish off the creeps, for example, with Shockwave. However, do not spam so as not to freak out the kerries of your opponents.

Mid-game Tactics

Magnus is a good initiator, and you should try to get a Blink Dagger in as quick as possible to show off his max. In principle, nothing else is needed at this stage of the game. However, some gamers prefer to further improve the boot to Boots of Travel or even Arcane Boots.

Now the first team battles begin. The main task of the hero is to initiate the locks and to penetrate into the crowd of opponents. To do this you need to act in this way. Before you start a lockdown, you should buff all the Empower, and then fly into the opponents using the Blink Dagger. Then apply the wolt and together with your allies to attack enemies, finish off Shockwave. And to get out of the center of the event you can use Skewer.

Tactics during the playgame

Finals are usually decided by kerries, but Magnus can also turn up the heat, increasing his team's chances of winning. However, it is better to stay close to your kerry to help him in his dangerous moments.

If you're going to play a Leitgame, look for items that will go a long way in softening up your opponent, like the Refresher Orb, Assault Cuirass, Shiva's Guard or the Black King Bar.

Magnus is a hero who will be useful to the team at every stage of the game. He is quite easy to control, does not need total control, and is almost independent of the set of artifacts. You should only remember that his main task is to break into a crowd of enemies and initiate a fight between them. Then you can count on a successful outcome of the game.

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