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Dota 2
9 December 2021

Dota 2 Patch: What's changed in the game since winter 2021?

Valve regularly releases updates to Dota 2. December 2021 was no exception. What will change this season and how much easier will the new patch make it for players? Let's take a look below.

New treasure trove for Dota 2

One of the winter season updates is the new seasonal treasure chest. It is only available to Dota Plus subscribers, who can purchase it for shards.

The treasure chest contains several sets for the characters Riki, Lina, Spirit Breaker, Treant Protector, Chaos Knight, Undying, and Arc Warden. When opening each of the provided treasuries, players have a chance to get their hands on the rarest Koala Courier Bionic Birdie - it contains both kinetic and prismatic gems.

In addition, Valve has updated the game's music set, adding Swedish band Humanity's Last Breath in the style of heavy metal.

Battle Pass - one of the surprises of December

Until the end of 2021 the game Dota 2 will be added to the winter Battle Pass - the news developers Valve has published on the official website. The message says that the Battle Pass has been filled with a variety of rewards and "jokes". However, it is not known how much the novelty will cost, as well as under what conditions it will be possible to use.

Balance Update 7.30e

Speaking of Dota 2 game updates, of course we should mention patch 7.30e. In addition to general changes, which are to reduce the experience for destroying a small camp of neutral creeps by 10%, there were updates to a number of items and characters. New updates will affect the course of online games, ongoing tournaments, and therefore affect viewers who bet on dota 2.

Item changes

In patch 7.30e, changes have affected quite a few items that heroes can use for various purposes. Let's look at some of them:

- BATTLE FURY - the damage bonus has been increased to 60, and the additional damage to creeps when engaged in close combat has been reduced to 15;

- BOTTLE - rune can be stored for 90 seconds only;

- CRIMSON GUARD - the price of the recipe has been reduced to 800;

- ECHO SABRE - takes 6 seconds to reload;

- FAE GRENADE - spell does no damage when attacked by wielder;

- HOLY LOCKET - treatment gain is reduced to 30%;

- LINKEN'S SPHERE - bonus to various attributes is 16;

- MAGE SLAYER - effect lasts 6 seconds;

- PSYCHIC HEADBAND - Linken's Sphere item does not block spell now;

- VEIL OF DISCORD - you can no longer increase the damage received by different attacks.

In addition, there are other improved items - they have increased or decreased bonus or changed the cost of the recipe.

Character changes

When working on the new patch Valve did not disregard the characters themselves in the game:

- ALCHEMIST - strength gain 2.9;

- AXE - speed bonus of 12/13/14/15%;

- BANE - basic damage is now reduced by 2;

- BROODMOTHER - charging time is now 30 seconds and base speed is 280;

- CHEN - there was an increase in damage by 2, and mana consumption in HAND OF GOD is now 200/300/400;

- DOOM - range was reduced to 500;

- DROW RANGER - basic movement speed is 295, and the bonus to the character's agility is 30/40/50%;

- EARTHSHAKER - with Aghanim's Scepter ranged heroes do not earn damage;

- ELDER TITAN - reduced character damage bonus to 14/36/58/80;

- EMBER SPIRIT - Before applying ACTIVATE FIRE REMNANT there is a 0.1 second delay;

- IO - the movement speed bonus is now 8%.

The updates included in patch 7.30e also affected other characters, so none of the players are deprived of the opportunity to improve their skills and defeat even the strongest opponents, bringing extra points to their team.

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