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19 November 2021

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After one of the biggest tournaments, The International 10, the traditional Dota 2 reshuffle period has begun. During this period, athletes and fans alike can observe the various permutations - the so-called transfers - in each of the regions. The transfer window closes on November 21, so there's very little time left for teams interested in participating in the Dota Pro Circuit regional leagues to register their lineups.

Soon we'll find out who will fight for the top positions in the standings, but in the meantime, there's other, no less interesting news.

Creepwave has regained the leadership position in the D2CL 2021 S5 table

Champions League 2021 Season 5 Dota 2 tournaments are taking place from November 8 to 28 with a prize pool of $50,000. How are the forces distributed at the moment?

In the last match of the group stage of D2CL 2021 S5, the Creepwave team managed to defeat their opponents from HellRaisers 2-1. As a result, Dmitry Fishman Polishchuk's team got the deserved 3 points and topped the standings.

After the fifth round, HellRaisers account hadhas 6 points, so it shares the 7th place with the team Khan. And earlier, V-Gaming team defeated B8 Esports, which allowed it to take a higher position in the D2CL 2021 S5 standings.


DPC 2021/2022 open for CIS teams

Epic Esports Events, which is one of the largest operators, has opened registration for teams from the CIS to participate in open qualifications for the second division of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 league.

There will be two open qualifications in November: on 11/26 and 11/27 - the second will be held over two days. The organizers plan to draw three DPC league spots for the CIS between registered teams. One of the important conditions for participation in the qualifiers is a minimum of three people in the team. In addition, all nicknames must be fully consistent with the registration data, otherwise players will be disqualified.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 competition will take place in three stages with regional leagues as well as the majors. The Dota 2 Fall League Open will take place on Nov. 29 - it will run through Jan. 23. On Nov. 21, organizers will hold a roasterlock before the first cycle of the season.

Confusion in the squads - what's going on?

While the organizers make the most vigorous preparations for the opening of the first qualifications of the fall season, the teams can not decide on the roster. In most cases, it is conditioned by the fact that the heads of the teams, watching after the sudden victory of Team Spirit at The International 10, when the "young blood" promptly defeated the mastodons of the professional stage.

That is why many teams, judging by their actions, decided to say goodbye to their long-established players. After all, statistics show that there is a big difference between athletes who simply have a high rating and players with real talent.

A strategy to nurture the "right" players has been successfully used by the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere, where they regularly update the lineup, but do not touch the main roster. Now, it is likely that we will be able to observe exactly the same tactics in Team Secret, WorldEvil Geniuses, and At the same time, SumaiL, Saksa, w33 and other well-known players are looking for a place in new teams. Perhaps some of them will create their own mix?

Despite the still unclear situation in the teams, the new fall Dota 2 league will start very soon, which means that we only have to wait a bit to choose our favorites for this season.

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