Dota 2 News - Most Current as of Early January 2022

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14 January 2022

Dota 2 News: What's Hot as of early January 2022

At the end of 2021 there were a number of events that will be interesting to both professional players of Dota 2, and fans of the game, especially those who bet on dota 2. Let's take a closer look at them.

Will Primal Beast from "Labyrinth of Anigam" become a new character in the game?

Recently it was reported that Valve may be one of the new Dota 2 heroes will make the boss from the "Labyrinth of Anigam" mode - Primal Beast. This was reported on Reddit by a user with the nickname bakedbacon23, who also provided evidence.

bakedbacon23 managed to find in the Dota 2 files not only a new icon for Primal Beast, but also a corresponding entry from the patchbook, which states that the icon was designed specifically for a full-fledged character. In addition, he discovered about ten phrases supposedly belonging to this particular character.

As for Primal Beast himself, he is the final boss in Aganim's Labyrinth. He leads four players, which the developers introduced into the game on December 15. In addition, Valve has added to Dota 2:

- A new Combat Pass;

- Personality on Mirana;

- Arcana on Drow Ranger;

- Immortal Treasury.

Despite the information that has surfaced, the studio has not yet revealed the name of the hero who will appear in the popular game in the near future.

The latest Dota 2 updates in 2021

On the night of December 31 studio Valve released an update for Dota 2. The changes affected the following elements:

1.    Modified several cosmetic items that are intended for Drow Ranger - this includes a set of Arcana Dread Retribution.

2. updated the translation of descriptions in 24 languages, as well as corrected errors - for example, in the text to the corridor with traps in the Aganim's Labyrinth mode.

As we can see, the developer does not intend to stop improving the game.

Who has become the most popular hero in the professional Dota 2 arena?

Analyst Ben Noxville Stinuizen presented statistics, according to which in 2021 there were played 5566 matches in the professional arena of Dota 2.

At the same time, gamers most often piked the hero Mars - he was chosen in 1,644 battles. And teams that used this character won 781 games - Mars' win rate was 47.51%. Meero, however, was the least popular in professional matches, appearing only 13 times, despite a win rate of 69.23% (he won 9 battles).

As for the lowest win rate, Dawnbreaker has it - only 36.67% (44 wins and 76 losses).

What about the forgotten cosmetic item on Pudge?

Valve Studios has been trolled over a forgotten space item for Pudge. This happened after a Dota 2 fan contacted the company asking for at least some use of the headpiece for Pudge, which has been "gathering dust" in the game's files since 2013. It is made in the form of an artifact of Hood of Defiance. This item takes 170 KB of memory, so it is already worth deciding whether it will be put into effect or removed.

After the message appeared on the forum, other users began to put forward various mock theories:

- the artifact is not used, because interaction with it affects the functions of other items;


- The code of the game is quite confusing and none of the experts of the studio can not suggest how to safely remove this element;


- such a hat is a fake or an internal studio meme, the meaning of which is clear to a select few users;


- this artifact should have appeared in one of the old game's events.


I wonder if such taunts could finally get Valve to take action on the Hood of Defiance for Pudge. We'll see.


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