CS:GO News - Contestants for ESL Pro League Season 15, Skin Design Case

24 January 2022

CS:GO: Latest news

Map and settings updates in CS:GO, the list of participants for ESL Pro League Season 15, and other relevant news from the world of the game - discussed below.

ESL unveiled the full roster for ESL Pro League Season 15

The organizer of one of the most popular tournaments on CS:GO - ESL Pro League Season 15 - presented the full list of teams invited to participate in the competition.

It is known that initially one of the teams, which would have to compete in the professional arena, was Extra Salt - he received a slot on EPL Season 15 back in the fall of 2021. At this point, however, that full-time team joined Complexity Gaming, who also received an invitational slot for the tournament. Accordingly, one quota became free again and the organizer decided to give it to the team Sprout, which failed to pass the qualifying competition in November - the players ranked fourth in the qualification ranking.

The tournament will be held from March 9 to April 10. During this time, there will be matches between 24 teams, which will fight for a prize fund of $823,000. The following teams received an invitation to participate in ESL Pro League Season 15:

- Astralis;

- BIG;


- Natus Vincere;

- Gambit Esports;

- Ninjas in Pyjamas;

- Complexity Gaming;

- G2 Esports;

- FaZe Clan;

- Party Astronauts;

- Team Vitality;

- Virtus.pro;

- LookingForOrg;

- AGO;

- Sprout;


- Fnatic;

- Movistar Riders;

- Evil Geniuses;

- FURIA Esports;

- Heroic;

- Team Liquid;

- Entropiq;


Teams are actively preparing for one of the largest tournaments, and fans can still study all the participants and choose their favorites.

Case with skins design and map improvement Insertion 2 - new updates from Valve

Valve Studios has made a new CS:GO update, adding a full case of "Dreams and Nightmares" to the game, which includes 17 skins from the community. Each variant was selected through a contest among fans.

Also, the developer decided to work on the Insertion 2 map this time, thanks to which players can expect the following changes:

- the pod across from the dentist's office has become easier to locate;

- there is no more blue tank and fence in the center of the map;

- automatic shotgun can be used to destroy office cabinets;

- points of appearance of heroes not only in the house, but also around it have been changed;

- to prevent heroes from getting stuck during appearances, collision on all mailboxes has been deactivated;

- visibility from the top shelf in the store has been blocked;

- in the train station, you can pass the doors without triggering the automatic opening system.

Finally, it is worth noting that the developer has changed the coloring of the diamond coin, which is given in the operation "Predatory Waters".

Other news from the world of CS:GO

In addition to the events described above, there were several other events that are interesting both to professional gamers and fans:

1.    In the first large-scale CIS-derby in 2022, in the second round of the top grid in the arena will meet two popular teams Gambit Esports (previously won a three-card war with Complexity) and Entropiq (they beat ECSTATIC).

2.    ESL Challenger 48 tournament will be held online from February 11 to 13. During which, 8 teams will compete to get not only a cash prize of $100,000, but also an invitation to ESL Pro League Conference Season 16.

3.    Instead of the major, Valve intends to organize a regional tournament online, where 20 teams will play.

4.    In the DPC league replay in Europe, team Tundra took third place and OG - fourth.

5.    The last game of the regional championships will be held on February 21 - immediately after that, Valve will open access to the patch 7.31.

So for everyone who loves the game CS:GO, it remains only to prepare for a busy event.

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