Latest news from the new patch 7.30 Dota 2

Dota 2
19 August 2021

Latest news from the new patch 7.30 Dota 2

Patch 7.30 in Dota 2 has only recently been released, and the event has made the news.

Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, mid lane of B8 Esports, spoke about the patch. In his opinion, the update is very successful, but still it does not make major changes at first glance. He believes that this is due to the upcoming The International 10 and upon its completion, a patch will be released that will bring larger-scale adjustments to the game. On social media, he wrote that he expected more, but despite the small changes, the consequences for the meta can be tangible.

Before Dendi, the support of the Alliance team Artem "Fng" Barshak and the offlaneer of the OG team Sebastian "Ceb" Debs had time to comment on the patch. Fng notes a little disappointment and expected something bigger, like Ceb, who was not impressed by the patch.

Jackie "EternaLEnVy" Mao can also be distinguished from the impressions of patch 7.30 for professional esportsmen. He briefly outlined his opinion on Twitter and highlighted the sadness that washed over him because of the patch.

A more disclosed opinion was shared by the offlaneer of the Hellbear Smashers during a live broadcast on Twitch, Victor "GeneRaL" Nigrini. The first thing he said was the price tag of the item "Aeon Disk" and it seems to him that it is too cheap for its usefulness. Boars Beastmaster in his opinion are still useless in the first levels and could be given armor or 30 HP, but still he calls them against some heroes, like Bane or Lion.

According to Victor, Clockwerk's hero lacks stats and it would not hurt to add their hero in the new patch, but the talent at the tenth level of mana burning from Power Cogs was very useful.

All the more annoying GeneRaL was provided by the Nyx Assassin fix, because he just started to train on it in the hardline. Tidehunter, in his opinion, was cut in vain, since before the fixes he was very mediocre. And Pangolier will play only through the first and second, the slowdown on the third is still not enough, Victor notes.

But analyst Ben "Noxville" Stinuizen disagrees with the disgruntled. He tweeted that it was a good patch before TI10 and that it wasn't worth shaking up the established meta too much before the biggest tournament. However, he lacked Enigma's hero boost to put him in the top tier.

In addition to the lack of boost for Enigma, Midnight Pulse no longer deals damage via BKB. Most likely this is not related to the character's fix, but just a bug, since the description of the ability says that damage should go through immunity to magic.

While everyone shares their opinion, Dota 2 players managed to shake the meta and influence the win rates of the heroes. According to the statistics, it is already possible to single out who began to win more often in the new 7.30 patch. Lycan increased its win rates by a significant 7.38%. He is the leader among all heroes who were able to increase their winrate thanks to the patch. The second is Beastmaster and his progress was 6.83%. Void Spirit is in third with a 5.44% winrate, followed by Sven with 5.14%, and the top five is closed by Slark, who was able to improve his performance by 4.63%.

Also, thanks to the statistics, outsiders can be singled out in the new 7.30 patch, with the lowest win rate. Broodmother boasts the first biggest anti-record with a 12.37% winrate drop. The next one from the bottom is Puck, whose win rate dropped by 5.26%. Luna followed with a 5% decline. Quite obviously, Tinker's win rate dropped by almost 5% as well. It is followed by Clinkz with 4.96%. Dragon Knight also stood out with a sharp drop of 4.43% wins.

In addition to the general statistics, there is an interesting trend among highMMR players with MMR above 7K. After the release of patch 7.30, Slark was picked more than anyone else and has the status of the most popular hero among the players of the professional scene. It is followed by Pudge in popularity. The third is Tinker. After that, Dawnbreaker appears among the most demanded heroes and closes the top five of Gyrocopter.

Of the curiosities of the consequences of the patch release, the history of the CL 2021 tournament stands out. The organizers of Champions League 2021 Season 3 had to postpone their events due to the fact that patch 7.30 managed to break the Captains Mode. The meeting of the esports teams "HellRaisers" and "Team Empire" will take place on another day, and the teams "Nemiga Gaming" and "V-Gaming" will play 8 hours later than the appointed time. The game of teams "PuckChamp" and "qwerty44" will take place according to the schedule. The organizers hope very much for the efficiency of the Valve development team, because if the "Captains Mode" bug is not fixed, the schedule will have to be adjusted again.

More resourceful organizers of LOOT.BET Pro Series Season 7 decided not to disappoint fans and esportsmen with this Captains Mode bug. It was decided to draft in the chat so as not to transfer games. The administrators marked the bans so that everything was fair, and the game was played in All Pick mode. Thus, the first map was played between the esports teams "Fúria Jovem" and "beastcoast", but during the break Valve still managed to roll out a fix. The second map seemed to start in Captains Mode, but the bug made itself felt and again I had to resort to the tried method and go to the created All Pick lobby.

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